Monday, January 30, 2012

When there is a better option

Couples can struggle for years with infertility...and be no more closer to a baby than they are to answers as to why. Infertility can be a symptom that the body is sick. Let's heal the body and possibly discover that a natural pregnancy can occur. Here is a great article about NaproTechnology. The Waiting Womb

Several of my couples have been labeled "infertile" and put on a fast track for IVF. Before they know it, their insurance company is denying claims because they are "infertile". With NaproTechnology, you are considered sick and not billed under infertility. In my personal experience, so many of my clients express feeling better after NaproTechnology treatment...with the possibility of pregnancy down the road.

Ladies, you owe it to yourself to monitor and maintain your own gynecological health from the teen years on. Take the opportunity and empower yourself with this knowledge!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Omaha, Not Just a City

Last summer George, Claire and I were waiting for our flight from Houston to Amarillo. While we sat in the terminal George said, "Hey, you want to go where gate #73 is headed?" For a moment I thought of some places I wanted to visit... like Italy or Chicago... as I looked up I saw Omaha. I smiled and said, "Sure lets go!" and tears came to my eyes. George was surprised I got all sentimental... and asked if I was OK. Sure I was fine, but for a brief moment I was back in May of 2008.

To most people, Omaha is a city in the middle of the United States... but to women who are suffering, it is a city that holds a doctor who provides a lot of answers. They may not be all the answers we want, but they are answers that move us towards soluntions. From our 12 hour car ride, the hotel, downtown brewery, botanical gardens... Creighton hospital, Pope Paul VI Institute, the staff, the restaurants... all of it was an experience that built a memory I will always cherish. It brought us closer together as husband and wife and placed us in an environment where I had complete trust and confidence that someone was going to take very good care of not only me, but us.

As I connect more to the online community of women on Facebook, I find so many are suffering not only with infertility, but with gynecological issues that are simply not being addressed by their OB. How is it that we live in 2012 and the best answer an OB can give us is "We are really not sure how to fix your problem, but if you take this birth control pill we can fix mask your symptoms"- this so burns me!

I may not be an OB, but I am a strong woman who has been down the road of suffering. To help other women from suffering any longer, I am going to use this blog as a platform for discussing solutions, current information and my continued fertility story. While I love posting about the happenings of our cute little family and the renovation of our 1920's home... that will now take place on our family blog, HavrillaVilla.

So ladies, lets stand-up and demand more! Direct your questions to the comment sections and I promise to post weekly on fertility matters!

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