Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Professional Baby Bump Photos - UPDATE

Sorry for the delay... I will post the link as soon as Davy has them up.

Well George and I purchased an auction item at the Church Carnival back in October - a session with one of the local professional photographers!

We had the session last week - we are meeting him tomorrow to go over the proofs!! I'll post whatever we are considering tomorrow night. SOOOOO Excited!

Here is his website

More to come....

Friday, February 19, 2010

7 Quick Maternity Takes for Friday

I love Jen's Quick Takes Friday... so I thought I would start off my FIRST 7 Quick Takes Friday with some top products/things I found helpful during pregnancy.

Bradley Childbirth Classes!!!! We have finished the 12 week childbirth classes with the Bradley Method. Donna Ryan was kind enough to work long distance with us from the DFW area. I was so fearful of what was to come... and the classes are so informative that the education took the fear away. The class really involves the husband. You can find out more information at or See Donna's Blog over to the left.

I was sooooooo sick the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. I am talking having to pull over in the alley, run to the bathroom at work, get up in the middle of the night... 4 times a day, could keep nothing down. I lost 11lbs before my first OB appointment. Nothing seemed to work. A dear friend shared with me that she ate baked potatoes. It worked! It was the one thing I could keep down... and the one thing that gave me a bit of a break from the sick feeling. I also ate Blue Bell Popsicles all the time... I went through about 5 boxes in those weeks. The good news... woke up at 13 weeks and had chili that night for dinner.


I sleep in these now. Found them back around month 5... from the same friend who told me to eat potatoes. Its a side sling tank (built in bra) from T.arget. I have 6 of them in all different colors. Great for now while I am uncomfortable....great for when its time to nurse. Not too expensive.

LOVE!!!! Everly Grey Seamless Maternity Tanks! I picked up two (one white and one nude) back in December. A little expensive... but I wear one every day under all my clothes. Its a wonderful layer piece... and has kept me warm. Its also great for under T-shirts... some of the maternity ones I ordered online were too thin. With one of these tanks, its perfect. I stop and do laundry when they are dirty.


Golden Graham Cereal... I must have a box in the house at all times! Helps with those middle of the night hunger pains. ALSO, Simply Orange OJ... I can not get enough of this stuff. We always have two bottles in the frig. I am not an OJ drinker - but once I got a taste of this, it satisfies every time! YUM!


I have found this book very helpful in preparing for nursing. Unsure with what to expect... this book has great sketches, helpful tips and an overall understanding. I picked it up at the beginning of the pregnancy... so I am starting to reread it now.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil. This stuff smells soooo good and feels great on. I have just started using it. Its not too greasy and really absorbs into the skin. Its also organic. I ordered some post baby products to help with healing after delivery... I'll report more on those later.