Friday, February 18, 2011

Project 52:7 - My Afternoon View

My Afternoon View: It's feeling a little like spring around here... well minus the -20 last week and the wool socks. Claire loves to take a walk around the neighborhood... and after lunch, we did just that.

I picked up the Project 52 idea from StyleBerry's blog - check her out, she inspires!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 52:6 - Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby Its Cold Outside: One of the things I like most about staying at home is not making Claire wake-up because we need to rush off to work. This past week we were down to one car, so we did have to wake her, to rush Daddy off to work. We pretty much just took her from bed to car seat...and headed off. However as the temps dropped to below 0 and we were back at home snug in her room - I was reminded, I am happy I do not have to get her out every morning in this cold because I have to go to work.

I picked up the Project 52 idea from StyleBerry's blog - check her out, she inspires!

PS: Did not edit this picture... do not mind our summer clothes piled on the couch... we are heading to Mexico on Monday and getting ready ;-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloth Diapers for Sale

Hey Ladies,

We kinda over-purchased AND have some diapers that are too big for Claire's tummy & legs. Thought I would post here before I take this stash to e-bay. If you are interested, please email me.

CuteyBaby was used once - just too big for her - Everything else has NEVER been used.


MEDIUM FuzziBunz

Happy Heinys Cover

Kissa's M/L

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project 52:5 - Just Too Much

With the death in our family, we traveled all last week and I was not able to get a picture up for week 5. From the ice here in Texas to the messed up flights to PA, I was a little overwhelmed in getting us all together and out of here. Sorry I missed it, such is family life. See you Friday. We are still trying to get back to normal.