Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home... Thank Goodness

Just a short update on the current plan, now that I am home.

This is what I am taking, if anyone has comments I would love to hear if you had any success on the same formula:
Daily Vitamin
B6 - 500mg sustained release
Fertile CM starting CD 10 until P+3
and we'll start back up with HCG this month too

ALSO - T3 every 12 hours. Now for those who have talked about T3 before and questioned seeing improvement, a little story... Last year I went to my eye doc with some serious night vision issues. It turned out my eyes were becoming very dry. Almost to a level of dangerous damage that he was going to take me off my contact lenses. The eye doc gave me some prescription eye drops and we hoped for improvement.

2 months later I am put on T3 with Dr. H.ilgers office. At my yearly appt with my eye doc (another 4 months later) he looked at my eyes, looked at the chart, looked at my eyes and looked at the chart. He then asked about my mention of T3 and how long I had been on it. Long story short - he says what my eyes were doing is a symptom of thyroid issues and the T3 has reversed my condition which he had not expected. He praised me on being aware of my health and said I had helped my eyes. There are other improvements I'll have to make a whole post on some time. More to come later....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Connection with Endo and Periodontal Disease...

A friend of mine sent me this article.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The results of a study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility suggest a possible association between endometriosis and periodontal disease.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Missing days, due to all this travel

Well I must say, the past two months have been filled with travel. Mid March we went to San Antonio with friends to visit my family, then I traveled to Vegas for business (ugh, I didn't like Vegas), then to Lubbock for class.... all to turn around and have DHleave for vacation to see his grandparents... to then have one week together, and I was off to Dallas for a conference... but wait, I came home for two nights and now I am sitting at a tea cafe in CHICAGO! So, long story short I stopped HCG shots for the past two months bc we were gonna miss some days, AND I am in no WAY able to give myself the injections.

Speaking of HCG, does anyone out there have issues with your face breaking out when you are on them? My face is horrible during and after the shots. It gets to the point where it actually hurts.

I have more traveling at the end of the month.... but DH is coming with me for that trip.

Until the next post... I need to get some homework done.