Saturday, May 2, 2009

Missing days, due to all this travel

Well I must say, the past two months have been filled with travel. Mid March we went to San Antonio with friends to visit my family, then I traveled to Vegas for business (ugh, I didn't like Vegas), then to Lubbock for class.... all to turn around and have DHleave for vacation to see his grandparents... to then have one week together, and I was off to Dallas for a conference... but wait, I came home for two nights and now I am sitting at a tea cafe in CHICAGO! So, long story short I stopped HCG shots for the past two months bc we were gonna miss some days, AND I am in no WAY able to give myself the injections.

Speaking of HCG, does anyone out there have issues with your face breaking out when you are on them? My face is horrible during and after the shots. It gets to the point where it actually hurts.

I have more traveling at the end of the month.... but DH is coming with me for that trip.

Until the next post... I need to get some homework done.


sunshine said...

I gave myself my first injection of HCG tonight. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the journeys we all go through! Can I ask you to talk some time about why Dr Hilgers does the small incisions and then in a separate surgery does the open, larger incision? This is a bit confusing to me. I think he's a great doctor, I'd like to know why he does surgeries that way.

I went to the CEC in Atlanta, and they are just great. I did learn NFP, some years ago, and ended up using progesterone, which helped me a lot with PMDD. It's currently helping me with adenomysois (heavy bleeding from that) and oh yeah, I've never had a migraine since using progesterone! I used to get them every month.

The CEC is in Atlanta, and is at

I had a chance to go to Dr Hilgers quite a few years ago, and wish I had gone. His waiting list was also a lot shorter then! I had a fibroid removed, and I was supposed to have endo removed - except I didn't know about the differences in doctors. My local doctor thankfully was able to remove the fibroid (large), but told me she ''didn't see endo.'' After decades of pain? I had nothing? She said I might have ''deep endo'' or adenomyosis. I had not heard of either. I do believe if I had gone to Dr Hilgers, he could have done it all in one surgery. It took me time to find out what deep endo was (she didn't really tell me, and certainly didn't refer me). I feel like crying this as I write it! I had years of frustration and nonsense from doctors! Dr Hilgers' excision surgery is the difference in kinds of doctor, and I had to learn about that the hard way...It is what the top endo doctors do...

I got there, later rather than sooner, but thank goodness for these doctors that ARE out there. it makes me angry that the other doctors don't know much, don't bother to search around much, and dismiss women. The stories of women who need adequate pain relief and are treated badly is shocking - yet too common.

This is the latest endo research foundation. Dr Seckin does excision surgery.

Living Advent said...

I think this is my first comment on your blog but of course I've been following for a while. I love your blog partly because I grew up near your neck of the woods and still have family there. My Dh and I were there in the fall so Dh could see where I grew up and visit family.

I also LOVE the fact that you wrote your past docs - maybe I'll do that someday ;o)

Tomorrow will be my 3rd hCG shot ever... so far no face problems but I'll be on the lookout ;o)

JellyBelly said...

i did have more acne when i was on HCG -- i didn't have acne as a teenager, it wasn't until all this IF business that i started to break out!

although my skin didn't like the HCG, i'd rather take than not. my PMS and crazy hormones drove me nuts without it!!

p.s. my husband went away when i started HCG and i had to get over giving myself the shot (even though i had offers from friends to give me the shot!). i'm so glad that i overcame that fear, it made the l.upron shot that much easier!