Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NaproTechnology Update

I thought I would take a moment to address how things are with my health post Baby Claire and 2 years post my surgery.

First, the cycles that followed surgery were wonderful. Can you say that about cycles? I actually had 9 cycles before we conceived, and they were all perfect cycles. We may have conceived her sooner, but I traveled to 6 different cities the first 4 months of the year.

Post Baby Claire I started cycling again 3 months after she was born, followed by 8 cycles. While I did have some pain a couple months ago. I am attributing it to painful ovulation.

So, for lack of details, I feel great! Things continue to look good and I feel healthy. I am so thankful for knowing about Dr. Hilgers, seeking treatment and having this blog to share about my endometriosis journey.

If anyone has any particular questions, please let me know, I would love to address them here.

Up next, Claire's birth story.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Rosary Night

We are heading over to friend's house for Family Rosary Night. Claire is trying to decide which one she will take.

Claire's Room

Since we did not know that we were going to have a girl... the room has been a work in progress post her arrival. :)

I post these to teach a little lesson in crafting. Notice her name? Every other letter when colored a different color... spells, car and lie. UGH. This is the second time I have redone these letters... looks like I will make it a 3rd. I'll post a redo of the letters. A moms work is never done!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Full Weeks....

...and I will be able to really relax.

While I am not writing 100% of the time, I am thinking or reading MBA material. The past 4 months have been full to the brim with stats, finance, accounting and org behavior all swirling in my head.

In two full weeks, from today, all my late work will be in! I will be finishing up my very last class here in November and looking forward to reading a book for pleasure :)

Any suggestions on the book I should pick up first?

And a little baby Claire love....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Study Break....

I am in the final days of completing all my MBA work. Currently I am working on STATS... the light is at the end of the tunnel, I can almost feel it.

All week and weekend I have been here, at the computer typing. In the last month alone I would guess I have completed 45+ pages of writing. So for a study break we took Claire outside for a couple of pictures.

Ready, Set, GO!

Looking forward to the day I am done and can get back into writing on the blog more.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Claire Love

Thanks for the tutu Charlotte :) We love it!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dr. Hilgers: Start the video at 23 mins 38 secs

Words will never be able to describe how I feel when I see or hear him talk. I say to George, "Did we really go to Omaha and did he really make me better?" With 800+ women seeking his attention, I was blessed to be seen not just once but twice by him. It is only our faith in the Catholic church that pointed us directly to his door just a few short month after my Creighton Model chart started showing I was sick. This man is a blessing to all women! 

Maybe I can take this MBA I am finishing up on and go work in Omaha to spread the message :) 

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Weekend.....

This is where I spent my weekend. Almost done. I will be so happy when I am finished :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes

I feel like I am always writing.... writing.....In the middle of another MBA class and looking to move onto Accounting this weekend. Please pray for me. I HAVE to finish everything by November 8th to graduate in December! I have STATS, ACCT, MKTING and MGT to finish!

Claire is rolling over, sitting up and doing push-ups with Daddy!

There are some interesting sparks going on over a Sew's blog. If you know who I am talking about, stop by and read her post on IVF/abortion/fertility. Thought provoking comments.

Great book I just finished - Caree.r Distinction by A.rruda and Di.xson. It will have you looking at your career in a whole new way. Plus it is filled with great ideas. You have to own your personal brand in the business world, what are you doing to grow it today?

Over a month without the TV - loving it. Except the whole issue with college football. So we gave it up to save money monthly... and George now figured out how to get the local channels for free!!!

Have you tried Davy Ramsey Financial Peace? Well 6 mo into our marriage we did and boy did it help with communication on finances. He was a saver that had no fun spending - I was a spender that hated to save. We met in the middle. Now we are taking a new class at church on raising kids. Thought we would start things off on the right foot... well the same foot. Did you and your husband agree from the beginning on how the kids would be disciplined?

I have come to a whole new understanding after having a baby - nothing you do, say, practice or question seems to make any sense to anyone else. Its your own reality.

Some people keep asking me about leaving work and staying at home. So I figured since this is my blog I would help clear the air.

I would think we all make choices as parents bc we think these are the best choices for our families. Why the heck else would I research something over and over? I choose to stay at home bc I would not enjoy MY day if I was away from Claire. Its that simple. I choose to cloth diaper bc disposables were not working for ME. I chose to research vaccines bc I reacted to them as a small child. I choose to practice NFP bc its what I know is right and MY husband does not want the chemicals of BCP in MY body, WE did a natural birth bc it was what WE wanted to do bc WE felt it was best for us.... You would be surprised by the reaction I get from people from making these choices....or maybe you wouldn't.

I am just very discouraged with people right now... because of the reactions I get for making choices for my family.....from staying at home to vaccines, and she is only 6 mos. Its gonna be a lonely road as a parent.

Check out another Mom who asks questions too, Jen at Conversion Diary who host Quick Takes!

Back to writing papers...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A little cloth diapering love...

We even like to match when we sleep....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paying down debt like a Gazelle

Three years ago I found myself working full time, teaching Creighton clients in the evening, traveling a lot for work, volunteering with church and the Amarillo Junior League... leaving not much for enjoying time at home expect on the weekends... and then I started my MBA and that took at least one weekend a month away. So we decided to hire a cleaning lady. It was so wonderful to have her come to the house...and she did a really nice job.

Well after all the budget cutting we are doing.... we are cutting our cleaning lady. There really is no real reason I should have her. I can absolutely make time to do the cleaning during the day... and it will save us $170 per month. So, today is her last day with us. I hate to see her go, but she understands. If you are ever as busy as I found myself a couple years ago with travel stacked up on top... treat yourself... it made for relaxing weekends.

Totals Saved per month: $70 for cable, $12 for scaling back phone at the house, $10 for alarm, $170 for cleaning, $40 for DAC membership, $5 on internet = $307!!!!

PS: George said he would clean the bathrooms if I kept the rest of the house clean. I think thats fair :)

PSS: We have done without cable for over a week now. I miss the news... but finding other ways to occupy my time. Getting more homework done!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Baby Room Art... and more

Just a short study break to make a post. My dear friend has this thing called a Cricket and you can cut any letters you want with it... so we came up with a saying for Claire's room and then I had her cut one for my bedroom. Inside our wedding rings it says, "I promise My best" - something George said when he first asked me out. I love how these turned out! Ok, back to the paper I am writing... sometimes you just need a break! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

-- 1 --
Is it Friday already? And friends teased me that I would be bored at home not working. Saying I would be a better Mom if I worked. Time goes by even faster now... guess I am enjoying little Baby Claire. :)

-- 2 --
MBA: Crossing off assignments and making progress. However, from this point forward no more detours from my daily plan and schedule. If I have to give up Omaha, then I need to stick with my balance on George, Claire and schoolwork. 15 weeks until the program is over - I have work to do!

-- 3 --
DISH: We SHUT IT OFF! Actually it was pretty easy when they gave me hassle and planned on charging a $5 "downgrade" fee... and then I got upset when they would not credit the account bc I wasn't George. I said, "Well, I am his wife and taking care of this while he is at work. So if you do not credit the account this afternoon, he is going to call you and cancel it tonight" - they wouldn't budge on this "rule" - side note, why do companies implement rules to replace actual THINKING? So they lost their $70/mo revenue stream from us. I wonder what changes will take place in our life now that it is off? I wish I was given a little more props on disconnecting....I am getting teased for making the change. Oh well, what else is new.

-- 4 --
Thanks for all your budgeting tips. I think we actually have a plan here at the Havrilla house. I took a little look at the student loans I have taken out in the last two years and went into full on freak-out rant. We are cutting everything we can and going lean. I called our telephone and security companies in the past week and saved money off the monthly bill, cancelled gym membership... you name it, if we can do without, its coming out of the monthly cash flow. This now has us watching where our money is going. Really, call your monthly bills and ask about options for different service or to cancel, they just might offer you the same deals they offered me.

-- 5 --
Was talking with a friend tonight about being a Mom and planning your weekly schedule so you can have more rest time in the evening with your husband and time to get to bed. We all know we need to do it... Get Up Before The Kids to start the day! Here is a blog I follow that has some really good tips about managing your week and family. I have read her for about a month - pretty good stuff. Especially if you need the motivation.

-- 6 --
Speaking of getting to bed... 12:11, study break is over and I need to get to the pillow for some rest. I think I made myself sick a week ago bc I was burning too much of the midnight oil. Which I so love... but its not good.

-- 7 --
Please pray for George's grandfather. He seems to have good days and bad. Right now he is really protesting staying in the nursing home. I hope when I get old that nursing homes seem like dorms. Think about it, the majority of the generation that is old now never went off to college and lived on campus. Do you think we will all be so old that we might actually think we are back in college? Just trying to have a positive look on things.

Check Jen at Conversion Diary 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prayer Buddy Revealed....

I have had the privilege of praying for someone I didn't even know until Prayer Buddies matched us up. Over the past several weeks she had several things going on and I was right there watching and asking God for continued guidance and blessings. She was in my special intentions when I attended the Cathedral in Santa Fe, early church before class in Lubbock and I took her intentions all the way up to Denver when we attended mass at the Basilica with Bishop Chaput. I lit a candle in her honor at the Basilica and asked that God be with her as she came into the church, found out about a new pregnancy, made changes with her job and manages symptoms of nausea. It was an honor to get to know her over the blog.... I was praying for Karen over at Hope Pray Trust.

Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Love, love, love staying at home with Claire. Prior to getting pregnant I NEVER would have thought I would like staying at home this much. After I had her, I still wasn't too sure. But the other morning, after Daddy brings her to me in bed, while we were both waking up.... well it just was a special time I could never miss. Don't count me out... I am still a passionate business woman that wants to storm the business world with great surprise... but for the meantime, Claire and I will take a couple years off for some lazy morning time.

You know what I like best about cloth diapering... the wipes! Love. Them! Every few washes I have a new clean stash that I cover with a water/solution mix. It smells ohhh so clean and good. Not to mention, one wipe usually cleans up whatever mess she makes... so I use less per change. Just made up a whole box of clean ones... very cute colors too.

Tomorrow I will start another weekend of hitting the books for the MBA. I am actually making a lot of progress. Knocking out assignments left and right. I have high hopes of completing on time in December.

Since I still have too much to complete we are still not going to the 25th Anniversary Celebration... very sad. - if you are involved with Creighton, consider going. I would be there in a heartbeat if we could make it work. Love Dr. Hilgers and all he has done.

Outstanding Customer Service Alert! If you shop here in Amarillo, I have to say that did great by me the other day concerning a return. I purchased Claire's baby book from them and the book started to fall apart. I have already written in it and everything. Not a problem. She gave me a store credit (since they dont have any more books) and let me keep the book so I could transfer what I wrote. Very impressed! Also, they have tons of new baby gift items! Very cute!

I have to confess... we still have cable. However, I did cut the phone bill back by $10 by dropping caller ID and such. I am still going to drop it... baby steps....or maybe tear it off like a band-aid and call AT&T right now...... to be continued.

Little Baby Claire love...

Jen is away, so is hosting this week.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can Babies Have Broccoli?

She is so yummy.....

Thats Daddy's Hand... he always presses the limits
Taking a break tonight from studying. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Books, Books and Teeth...

Needing prayers for a productive study day! Trying to get more work done for the MBA. George is doing a great job at taking care of Claire so I can study with interruptions.

PS: We have teeth!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

The big news...I am a SAHM now! Prior to having Claire I wasn't sure what I wanted to do (And one day I will get the story of her birth all written down). However, the one thing that surprised both of us was the moment they put her on my chest I said, "I am never going back to work". I kinda surprised the doctors and nurses in the room... not the normal thing they hear... and I also surprised myself. But after the 12 weeks were up... I knew, that was what I wanted to do and I needed to talk with my boss. So today I officially told the rest of the staff, I am a SAHM now.

For the first time in 3 months George and I have NOTHING TO DO THIS WEEKEND! We have been on the go since April - trips to Ohio, New Mexico, Maryland, PA, NJ, CO... the list goes on. But tomorrow we get to just be at HOME!

What do you do for your marriage to keep it strong? Are you part of a couples group? Do a bible study together? Focus on evening prayer... looking for suggestions and just curious what everyone else out there does. George and I are part of a couples group and we are not so sure everyone is gonna stay with it. So we are considering additional options. So, what do you and your spouse do to have a more prayerful marriage?

Tour de France - after its over, we are pulling the plug on cable. Who is gonna let us come over and watch college football?

This is where we are going in Feb for vacation. I have a ton of school work to get done before then.. BUT I AM NOT TAKING SCHOOL BOOKS WITH ME TO MEXICO, say it with me, "Nicole will finish in December!" 

I took the My.ers Briggs personality test in class last weekend. Really didnt tell me anything I didnt already know. (LOL) However, if you are at all like me... a list maker, check out this blog - its heaven!

I ask for your prayers for George's grandfather. He seems to be having some issues and it might be serious. Please pray for the doctors and his health.

Until the next time, have a great weekend. And dont forget to check out Jen's Blog at Conversion Diary.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

PS: I just turned in one of my papers tonight and finished a class I was working on right before I had Claire!!! WOO!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Friday is not over yet....

I guess my husband reads my blog. He made the comment yesterday about my last post and I almost fell over laughing bc I had no clue he even paid attention to this silly little place of mine. Hi Honey! 

We are well into cloth diapers and LOVE THEM! No more blow-outs and such cute diapers. I even line dry them so that saves on energy costs!

I have class in Lubbock this week! I love the MBA program I am in. It almost feels like a mini work retreat for me. While I am overwhelmed with getting caught up on my previous homework.... I will miss it when the program is over come December

We are considering dropping DISH? It would be something radical for me - I love TV!!!!! But really, do we need it? Would not having it free up time in a way we never knew? Someone last night shared with me that they dont have DISH and just use Netflixs. It would also free up $60 for the iphone I am considering. Anyone out there not have cable?

Getting exercise in. Claire and I went for a run yesterday with our new stroller. Things started out good... but before I got too far in, we were ATTACKED BY GIANT MAN EATING MOSQUITOS! If you were a neighbor in our hood checking the view from your window - you would have had a site. Picture it... woman casually out for a high power walk with cute baby... few minutes later I am running the other way back to my house swatting myself and the stroller. Seriously, these things were so vicious I thought they were gonna carry Claire away. Needless to say, our area is not use to the rain.

Are you a morning person or a night person? I think people are really one or the other. I am a night much as I want to be a morning person, it just hurts. SO I will continue my battle with attempting to rise before Claire to get some additional study time in. I have asked George to start my coffee and say, "Babe its gonna get cold if you dont get up now" (bc I hate re-warming it, so maybe that will work)

Two more.. Who has an iphone? I am considering the iphone 4 and not sure. We have had our flip phones for 5 years. So we are looking to take the plung... it will also help us as a family bc I have a MAC and the phones will communicate with the family laptop. Any suggestions would help here. Take the plung... or stick with the basic model?

Come back next Friday. My first take with be something radical for me. I promise. If you know me, are a reader or just someone dropping by....come back next Friday.

Have a great weekend! And check out Jen over at Conversion Diary.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prayer Request....

George just finished his big race in CO this past weekend. He rode the Triple Bypass and did great. It was a long trip up and back from CO, but he is so happy he finished it.

Updating the blog is a little difficult right now with the limited time I have. I hope my prayer buddy is reading... bc I am going to list a few things that we have going on and ask for her prayers. As soon as things get a little better with time - I'll go back to updating the fun every day things. 

School - I am behind with class and trying my best to get on track with getting assignments done. I have a LOT TO DO. Being so sick with Claire my 1st trimester really put me behind, then I had Claire and missed a class. The program finishes in Dec. We have cancelled all additional trips and activities (No trip to Omaha for the 25th Anniversary :( nor a trip to Chicago) so I can stay focused on getting caught up and stay focused on the new classes that keep coming every month. Please pray that I can stay focused and do well in my classes.

I am still working PT right now. Its a little overwhelming.. but I have a few projects I really feel compelled to finish. Please pray that I can do a good job for my boss and wrap some of these things up... and balance my time with class.

We travel to Lubbock this weekend for class. We have been out of town so much with family travel and training for George's race, it feel like just one more trip. Pray that Claire does well for George while I am in class and that class goes well for me. Lubbock is about an 1hr and 1/2 away. It makes for a pretty long trip when I have class.

Finally, I ask for prayers for general balance with family. I just love my time with Claire and dont want to feel so rushed with the stuff above that I miss something with her. Right now my time during the day is devoted to her and my time from George getting home is devoted to work/school. I just pray that I dont let the distractions from school and work interfere with her. AND that we all get the rest we need at night.

Thanks prayer buddy for all you are doing. I hope I am giving you enough of a look inside our world so you know what today. Until the next time I post :) 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prayer Buddies

So excited to be part of this Summers Prayer Buddies! It was a little over a year ago that I started my blog...and I am so amazed at the women I have found in this group of Catholic infertility. This is my first time to participate with the prayer buddies group. Looking forward to the days and weeks ahead.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Nursing MUST!

This past weekend I picked up two nursing t-shirts. LOVE THEM! They are by Momzelle. There is so much out there when it comes to nursing... yet very difficult to buy online bc of size. I will buy a small, when I needed a medium. Or I buy a large, when I really needed a small. So it always helps when I come across a store that sells nursing tops and you can stop to try them on!

I wear a size 8... yet with nursing my cup size increased. These follow pretty true to size. So my size 8 body really fits their size medium tops! I have the tank and a regular t-shirt! I plan to buy more!

Here is the link to their website

Also - they really support breastfeeding. Here is a link to their help page - GREAT INFO!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

The BEST $29 we ever spent!

So we picked this little number up at the store yesterday.

It's Friday Already?

Man, its Friday already. Ok, here we go again. Its 1:51 and I am still up... but, 

My paper that is due this weekend is DONE and submitted to my professors!!!! YEA!!!! I have such a weight lifted off my shoulders! I dont know why the paper was so difficult to write.. maybe bc it was for a marketing class and since I am a marketing professional I was holding myself to a higher standard! 

Well I alluded last week that I figured out a solution to Claire's major BLOW-OUTS! Well.... its cloth diapers and we are not only having the most fun with them.. but no more blow-outs. Its true. I know its bound to happen again... but nothing so far this week. In the coming weeks I will share more on my blog about which ones I like better, good resources for finding diapers and why they are working for our family. In the meantime... if you want to check out a pretty cool family that is doing it with success check out this link. StyleBerry - she also has some pretty awesome photography! 

Want to make a little something yummy for breakfast this weekend - try what I like to call My Tricia Scones - On our trip to the east coast we stayed with my college friend for a couple of days and she made these for breakfast. Pretty tasty! 

Well its a sad state of affairs when you have to hire someone to pull the weeds out of your garden. I am so overwhelmed (school, work, the house, Claire) and with George training every night for his upcoming race - see race here YIKES - that the garden out front is ignored.  All last summer it was ignored bc I was so sick in my first trimester and ignored now bc we have Claire to take care of - that it turned into this infestation of WEEDS! So I went to our local nursery and asked who they would recommend. I called a lady and I kid you not - she showed up in her gardeners hat on Tuesday and offered to come back next week and do the job. She was so sweet! She is also gonna help me plant after we get the beds cleaned up. I will take before and after shots. 

I am taking photography lessons in 1 week from Davy - SO EXCITED! 

Breastfeeding in public - to use a hooter hider or not? I was given such a nice shot of support on the flight coming back from out trip. I was trying to work that stupid thing, Claire was hot and overall everyone was frustrated. This nice woman sitting in the seat next to George said, "Honey dont use that thing on account of me, just nurse your baby!" Thought?

Zumba class. So twitter is all buzzing about Zumba class. Has anyone tried it before? Our gym has it on Thursday nights. I missed tonight bc I was working on the paper - but I intend to go next Thursday.

Ok - thats it for me tonight. I am still so wide awake. Just happy I finished that PAPER! Go check out Jen at Conversation Diary for her takes! That is where I am headed! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

OK... I know if I wait until the morning I won't get this posted. So here I am 12:40AM, still awake and determined to hammer out this post. I will finish in 15 mins. 

George, Claire and I just returned from "Claire's East Coast" tour. From May 28th till June 8 we were on 7 planes, 6 different beds, 5 states, 900miles on a rental and 1 hotel room! We took Claire to see family in Toledo, Baltimore, West New York, Harrisburg, York and Saylorsburg. It was a fun trip and Claire did great. The funny thing... well, we over packed. Seriously, does a three month old really need three June? I thought she might get cold and we needed things to match. I overpacked so much that we had to spend $20 on shipping a box back home bc our families gave us such nice gifts. 

George and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 28th. We started the day off by attending daily mass. I think George was very surprised I suggested it since I am not a morning person. Mass was great and a welcome time together before the busy trip. We were not suppose to buy each other gifts... well George did and he went a little overboard. He purchased a beautiful bracelet for me from our favorite jeweler. It is so pretty... it made me cry. Do you have to save a fancy bracelet for a fancy day - or do you wear it with a t-shirt? I vote t-shirt!

My daughter - warning this is a poop story- has the ability to BLOW OUT a diaper. We have had some pretty wild blowouts since she was born. Its like comedy around the house... well yesterday morning her cute little self was laughing over in her pack-n-play around 7AM. After a 3:30AM feeding I was just letting her play while I slept. UNTIL I heard the blow-out. Well I jumped up to change her... however, after I slipped my hand under her neck to pick her up, I was SHOCKED to find it was wet. Yes friends - she turned her little sleeper into a poop sack! So for the morning person I am not - I found myself WIDE awake bathing Claire. Good morning! I find it all very funny - bc at any time during our plane trip she could have done this.. but didn't. :) 

I am working on my MBA right now.. a little behind with giving birth to Claire and all. You could say I am overwhelmed. Trying to balance a day full of baby... get dinner together and encourage my husband to get ride time in (he has a race coming up) at night leaves me up pretty late. I feel guilty for sleeping during the day when Claire sleeps.. but I guess its how things need to work right now. Graduation is in December - I plan to finish on time. 

Anyone out there living on a budget? I hate this stupid thing. I hate the check registry and I hate figuring it all out. We are pretty conservative with our spending and save beyond what we need to... but I need to find a system that works so we know where the money is going.. any suggestions on how you and your family manages money is welcome. 

I have a radical solution to Claire's diaper blowouts. Its all thanks to my cousins AWESOME wife in Chicago. More details to come... you wont want to miss it. 

One minute left... I am considering becoming a Bradley Instructor. We had such an awesome birth I think I want to take the upcoming class in December in Dallas. With being a trained fertility instructor I could offer from start to finish instructions... and given the horrible nursing experience I had... I may include lactation in the future. (things are better now, and breast feeding will be a post of its own in the future)

OK - thats all. Finished a little after 1 bc I went back to make sure what I said made sense. Pictures to follow from Claire's trip! go enjoy Jen's Quick Takes @

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So much to share.....but where does the time go?

What, its 12:20AM already??! Ugh, I have so much to share about the last two months... but never seem to have time to write.

Topics to cover in the very near future.....

  1. Claire's birth story.... George and I had such an amazing experience. If you are pregnant, take a BRADLEY CLASS!!!! You learn so to trust your body so fear doesn't overwhelm you, what your husband can do to help you...and how your body works. Trust me, it will be the most enlightening class you can take next to a Creighton Intro Session :) I plan on becoming a Bradley instructor some day soon.... because, every woman should be informed about childbirth, and most of the time we are not given enough credit by the medical community to become informed.
  2. Claire and how she is changing... I am trying to soak everything in, she is changing soooo fast! I love her so much. 
  3. Products that I have found and LOVE concerning nursing, post baby etc... maybe a QTF for this one. 
  4. BREASTFEEDING!!!! This is now a topic that is very near to my heart. I DID NOT get the help I needed here and if I wasn't determined, I would have given it up. My experience with lactation here in Amarillo was a trip - imagine meeting with a lactation consultant while your OB is sewing up your 2 degree damage down there! I have a friend who gave up nursing bc it hurt too much... ladies it should NOT HURT. On a pain scale, it should NEVER be above a 2. If it is, seek an experienced lactation consultant! I had to find mine in Lubbock! 
Know that I am watching and keeping up with your blogs. CONGRATS to SEW!!!!! I am so happy for you! Lots of prayers! 

Now its 12:30... gotta go to bed before Claire gets up!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Claire was Baptized!

Claire was baptized this weekend. It all came together really fast! Our friend, Fr. Jeff, is her Godfather... and being a priest he does not have many free weekends. So when his upcoming trip was called off - we jumped on the chance to get him and Mandy out from Fort Worth to hold the baptism....otherwise we were waiting until late June. The weekend was so busy and wonderful to have everyone in town.