Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Friday is not over yet....

I guess my husband reads my blog. He made the comment yesterday about my last post and I almost fell over laughing bc I had no clue he even paid attention to this silly little place of mine. Hi Honey! 

We are well into cloth diapers and LOVE THEM! No more blow-outs and such cute diapers. I even line dry them so that saves on energy costs!

I have class in Lubbock this week! I love the MBA program I am in. It almost feels like a mini work retreat for me. While I am overwhelmed with getting caught up on my previous homework.... I will miss it when the program is over come December

We are considering dropping DISH? It would be something radical for me - I love TV!!!!! But really, do we need it? Would not having it free up time in a way we never knew? Someone last night shared with me that they dont have DISH and just use Netflixs. It would also free up $60 for the iphone I am considering. Anyone out there not have cable?

Getting exercise in. Claire and I went for a run yesterday with our new stroller. Things started out good... but before I got too far in, we were ATTACKED BY GIANT MAN EATING MOSQUITOS! If you were a neighbor in our hood checking the view from your window - you would have had a site. Picture it... woman casually out for a high power walk with cute baby... few minutes later I am running the other way back to my house swatting myself and the stroller. Seriously, these things were so vicious I thought they were gonna carry Claire away. Needless to say, our area is not use to the rain.

Are you a morning person or a night person? I think people are really one or the other. I am a night much as I want to be a morning person, it just hurts. SO I will continue my battle with attempting to rise before Claire to get some additional study time in. I have asked George to start my coffee and say, "Babe its gonna get cold if you dont get up now" (bc I hate re-warming it, so maybe that will work)

Two more.. Who has an iphone? I am considering the iphone 4 and not sure. We have had our flip phones for 5 years. So we are looking to take the plung... it will also help us as a family bc I have a MAC and the phones will communicate with the family laptop. Any suggestions would help here. Take the plung... or stick with the basic model?

Come back next Friday. My first take with be something radical for me. I promise. If you know me, are a reader or just someone dropping by....come back next Friday.

Have a great weekend! And check out Jen over at Conversion Diary.


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I'm glad cloth diapering is going good! I may have to pick your brain come February.

mrsblondies said...

We haven't had cable/satellite in more than two years. We just watch TV on the computer. I'm glad to hear cloth diapers are going well.

P.S. I met your friend Mandy Cox yesterday.

Jenny said...

Great quick takes! My hubby reads my blog too... and he even commented last week! I was a bit surprised! I knew he read it... but didn't think he'd comment. :)

I went years without cable... before I got married. We have it now, but I could do without.

I'm your iphone gal!! I LOVE MINE... sorry Kaitlin and Mrs. Blondies... I know you gals have heard this before!

I have the new iPhone 4 and it has been fantastic! I had the 3g before and loved it as well. I love how it syncs with my mac at home... before I even get there! I don't know how it does that!? My iphone even made it into my wedding pictures and last weeks quick takes! You can check them out on my page.. there are links to both! :)

I am looking forward to next Friday!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Great post! I'm with mrsblondies...we haven't had cable since we got married (it was going to be an extra $80 a month for cable and DVR and we said NO!) and we just use Netflix and watch stuff online. There are very few shows I don't get to see, between those two. Except I sometimes miss HGTV.

Melissa said...

Night person, but you probably already knew that. :)

I really like my iphone! GPS, internet, games for kids, and endless useful apps any time, any place. (Almost anyways, we didn't want to pay the fees while traveling in Asia.)

We don't have cable either, and I only miss it when I want to watch sports. Thankfully we have family and friends close by that don't mind us coming over for the big games.

Tridentine Wife said...

We got rid of cable for four months and realized that we are too much of homebodies to do without it. I wish we could let go haha.

I love cloth diapers and yes they are so cute, what brand are you using?

Def. a night person. Yes it is very painful to wake up veeerry early in the morning. I can barely function.