Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prayer Request....

George just finished his big race in CO this past weekend. He rode the Triple Bypass and did great. It was a long trip up and back from CO, but he is so happy he finished it.

Updating the blog is a little difficult right now with the limited time I have. I hope my prayer buddy is reading... bc I am going to list a few things that we have going on and ask for her prayers. As soon as things get a little better with time - I'll go back to updating the fun every day things. 

School - I am behind with class and trying my best to get on track with getting assignments done. I have a LOT TO DO. Being so sick with Claire my 1st trimester really put me behind, then I had Claire and missed a class. The program finishes in Dec. We have cancelled all additional trips and activities (No trip to Omaha for the 25th Anniversary :( nor a trip to Chicago) so I can stay focused on getting caught up and stay focused on the new classes that keep coming every month. Please pray that I can stay focused and do well in my classes.

I am still working PT right now. Its a little overwhelming.. but I have a few projects I really feel compelled to finish. Please pray that I can do a good job for my boss and wrap some of these things up... and balance my time with class.

We travel to Lubbock this weekend for class. We have been out of town so much with family travel and training for George's race, it feel like just one more trip. Pray that Claire does well for George while I am in class and that class goes well for me. Lubbock is about an 1hr and 1/2 away. It makes for a pretty long trip when I have class.

Finally, I ask for prayers for general balance with family. I just love my time with Claire and dont want to feel so rushed with the stuff above that I miss something with her. Right now my time during the day is devoted to her and my time from George getting home is devoted to work/school. I just pray that I dont let the distractions from school and work interfere with her. AND that we all get the rest we need at night.

Thanks prayer buddy for all you are doing. I hope I am giving you enough of a look inside our world so you know what today. Until the next time I post :) 


mrsblondies said...

Praying for you!

WheelbarrowRider said...

That is a ton going on and I know I am always doing better balancing than I feel like I am. You have a good plan, sounds like you have a drive and a purpose, and that is wonderful. I am glad your time with Claire is stilla ble to be about her-that is better than I am doing! Still personally trying to make it to Omaha, but I am in a similar boat as you in that I am school and work part time. Trying to finish school by Dec so...with baby due in Nov it will have to be a game time decision about the trip. Wish you well in all you endeavors! Great to hear from you!

Tridentine Wife said...

Wow! I think I've said this before but good for you keeping busy! You are one hard working mama :)

M--- said...

Just breathe, girlie! You are strong, you have a devoted husband and your baby is a true blessing. All else will work itself out. Stay strong...and don't forget to "lean on me". In the meantime, I'm on board to send a few prayers your way and of course hugs from Central TX!