Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paying down debt like a Gazelle

Three years ago I found myself working full time, teaching Creighton clients in the evening, traveling a lot for work, volunteering with church and the Amarillo Junior League... leaving not much for enjoying time at home expect on the weekends... and then I started my MBA and that took at least one weekend a month away. So we decided to hire a cleaning lady. It was so wonderful to have her come to the house...and she did a really nice job.

Well after all the budget cutting we are doing.... we are cutting our cleaning lady. There really is no real reason I should have her. I can absolutely make time to do the cleaning during the day... and it will save us $170 per month. So, today is her last day with us. I hate to see her go, but she understands. If you are ever as busy as I found myself a couple years ago with travel stacked up on top... treat yourself... it made for relaxing weekends.

Totals Saved per month: $70 for cable, $12 for scaling back phone at the house, $10 for alarm, $170 for cleaning, $40 for DAC membership, $5 on internet = $307!!!!

PS: George said he would clean the bathrooms if I kept the rest of the house clean. I think thats fair :)

PSS: We have done without cable for over a week now. I miss the news... but finding other ways to occupy my time. Getting more homework done!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Baby Room Art... and more

Just a short study break to make a post. My dear friend has this thing called a Cricket and you can cut any letters you want with it... so we came up with a saying for Claire's room and then I had her cut one for my bedroom. Inside our wedding rings it says, "I promise My best" - something George said when he first asked me out. I love how these turned out! Ok, back to the paper I am writing... sometimes you just need a break! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

-- 1 --
Is it Friday already? And friends teased me that I would be bored at home not working. Saying I would be a better Mom if I worked. Time goes by even faster now... guess I am enjoying little Baby Claire. :)

-- 2 --
MBA: Crossing off assignments and making progress. However, from this point forward no more detours from my daily plan and schedule. If I have to give up Omaha, then I need to stick with my balance on George, Claire and schoolwork. 15 weeks until the program is over - I have work to do!

-- 3 --
DISH: We SHUT IT OFF! Actually it was pretty easy when they gave me hassle and planned on charging a $5 "downgrade" fee... and then I got upset when they would not credit the account bc I wasn't George. I said, "Well, I am his wife and taking care of this while he is at work. So if you do not credit the account this afternoon, he is going to call you and cancel it tonight" - they wouldn't budge on this "rule" - side note, why do companies implement rules to replace actual THINKING? So they lost their $70/mo revenue stream from us. I wonder what changes will take place in our life now that it is off? I wish I was given a little more props on disconnecting....I am getting teased for making the change. Oh well, what else is new.

-- 4 --
Thanks for all your budgeting tips. I think we actually have a plan here at the Havrilla house. I took a little look at the student loans I have taken out in the last two years and went into full on freak-out rant. We are cutting everything we can and going lean. I called our telephone and security companies in the past week and saved money off the monthly bill, cancelled gym membership... you name it, if we can do without, its coming out of the monthly cash flow. This now has us watching where our money is going. Really, call your monthly bills and ask about options for different service or to cancel, they just might offer you the same deals they offered me.

-- 5 --
Was talking with a friend tonight about being a Mom and planning your weekly schedule so you can have more rest time in the evening with your husband and time to get to bed. We all know we need to do it... Get Up Before The Kids to start the day! Here is a blog I follow that has some really good tips about managing your week and family. I have read her for about a month - pretty good stuff. Especially if you need the motivation.

-- 6 --
Speaking of getting to bed... 12:11, study break is over and I need to get to the pillow for some rest. I think I made myself sick a week ago bc I was burning too much of the midnight oil. Which I so love... but its not good.

-- 7 --
Please pray for George's grandfather. He seems to have good days and bad. Right now he is really protesting staying in the nursing home. I hope when I get old that nursing homes seem like dorms. Think about it, the majority of the generation that is old now never went off to college and lived on campus. Do you think we will all be so old that we might actually think we are back in college? Just trying to have a positive look on things.

Check Jen at Conversion Diary 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prayer Buddy Revealed....

I have had the privilege of praying for someone I didn't even know until Prayer Buddies matched us up. Over the past several weeks she had several things going on and I was right there watching and asking God for continued guidance and blessings. She was in my special intentions when I attended the Cathedral in Santa Fe, early church before class in Lubbock and I took her intentions all the way up to Denver when we attended mass at the Basilica with Bishop Chaput. I lit a candle in her honor at the Basilica and asked that God be with her as she came into the church, found out about a new pregnancy, made changes with her job and manages symptoms of nausea. It was an honor to get to know her over the blog.... I was praying for Karen over at Hope Pray Trust.

Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Love, love, love staying at home with Claire. Prior to getting pregnant I NEVER would have thought I would like staying at home this much. After I had her, I still wasn't too sure. But the other morning, after Daddy brings her to me in bed, while we were both waking up.... well it just was a special time I could never miss. Don't count me out... I am still a passionate business woman that wants to storm the business world with great surprise... but for the meantime, Claire and I will take a couple years off for some lazy morning time.

You know what I like best about cloth diapering... the wipes! Love. Them! Every few washes I have a new clean stash that I cover with a water/solution mix. It smells ohhh so clean and good. Not to mention, one wipe usually cleans up whatever mess she makes... so I use less per change. Just made up a whole box of clean ones... very cute colors too.

Tomorrow I will start another weekend of hitting the books for the MBA. I am actually making a lot of progress. Knocking out assignments left and right. I have high hopes of completing on time in December.

Since I still have too much to complete we are still not going to the 25th Anniversary Celebration... very sad. - if you are involved with Creighton, consider going. I would be there in a heartbeat if we could make it work. Love Dr. Hilgers and all he has done.

Outstanding Customer Service Alert! If you shop here in Amarillo, I have to say that did great by me the other day concerning a return. I purchased Claire's baby book from them and the book started to fall apart. I have already written in it and everything. Not a problem. She gave me a store credit (since they dont have any more books) and let me keep the book so I could transfer what I wrote. Very impressed! Also, they have tons of new baby gift items! Very cute!

I have to confess... we still have cable. However, I did cut the phone bill back by $10 by dropping caller ID and such. I am still going to drop it... baby steps....or maybe tear it off like a band-aid and call AT&T right now...... to be continued.

Little Baby Claire love...

Jen is away, so is hosting this week.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can Babies Have Broccoli?

She is so yummy.....

Thats Daddy's Hand... he always presses the limits
Taking a break tonight from studying. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Books, Books and Teeth...

Needing prayers for a productive study day! Trying to get more work done for the MBA. George is doing a great job at taking care of Claire so I can study with interruptions.

PS: We have teeth!