Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paying down debt like a Gazelle

Three years ago I found myself working full time, teaching Creighton clients in the evening, traveling a lot for work, volunteering with church and the Amarillo Junior League... leaving not much for enjoying time at home expect on the weekends... and then I started my MBA and that took at least one weekend a month away. So we decided to hire a cleaning lady. It was so wonderful to have her come to the house...and she did a really nice job.

Well after all the budget cutting we are doing.... we are cutting our cleaning lady. There really is no real reason I should have her. I can absolutely make time to do the cleaning during the day... and it will save us $170 per month. So, today is her last day with us. I hate to see her go, but she understands. If you are ever as busy as I found myself a couple years ago with travel stacked up on top... treat yourself... it made for relaxing weekends.

Totals Saved per month: $70 for cable, $12 for scaling back phone at the house, $10 for alarm, $170 for cleaning, $40 for DAC membership, $5 on internet = $307!!!!

PS: George said he would clean the bathrooms if I kept the rest of the house clean. I think thats fair :)

PSS: We have done without cable for over a week now. I miss the news... but finding other ways to occupy my time. Getting more homework done!!!!


Jenny said...

I love love love Dave Ramsey... My DH and I are also paying down debt the same way! I had taken the class several years ago and our parish offered the class back in January and we went through it together (for free!) as newlyweds. It was so great! We proudly carry our envelopes everywhere we go and love seeing the debt go away! Best of luck to you guys!

Sidenote... Our class (48 couples) had over 1.5 MILLION in non-mortgage debt! 1.5 MILLION! In the 13 weeks... the class paid off OVER $550,000!!!! Wow!! Now our parish is offering the class twice a year!!

Tridentine Wife said...

I'm impressed.

Karen said...


We cut the cable out when I quit my job. It was really hard at first but it's getting easier. We did keep netflix so that helps a little.