Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Love, love, love staying at home with Claire. Prior to getting pregnant I NEVER would have thought I would like staying at home this much. After I had her, I still wasn't too sure. But the other morning, after Daddy brings her to me in bed, while we were both waking up.... well it just was a special time I could never miss. Don't count me out... I am still a passionate business woman that wants to storm the business world with great surprise... but for the meantime, Claire and I will take a couple years off for some lazy morning time.

You know what I like best about cloth diapering... the wipes! Love. Them! Every few washes I have a new clean stash that I cover with a water/solution mix. It smells ohhh so clean and good. Not to mention, one wipe usually cleans up whatever mess she makes... so I use less per change. Just made up a whole box of clean ones... very cute colors too.

Tomorrow I will start another weekend of hitting the books for the MBA. I am actually making a lot of progress. Knocking out assignments left and right. I have high hopes of completing on time in December.

Since I still have too much to complete we are still not going to the 25th Anniversary Celebration... very sad. - if you are involved with Creighton, consider going. I would be there in a heartbeat if we could make it work. Love Dr. Hilgers and all he has done.

Outstanding Customer Service Alert! If you shop here in Amarillo, I have to say that did great by me the other day concerning a return. I purchased Claire's baby book from them and the book started to fall apart. I have already written in it and everything. Not a problem. She gave me a store credit (since they dont have any more books) and let me keep the book so I could transfer what I wrote. Very impressed! Also, they have tons of new baby gift items! Very cute!

I have to confess... we still have cable. However, I did cut the phone bill back by $10 by dropping caller ID and such. I am still going to drop it... baby steps....or maybe tear it off like a band-aid and call AT&T right now...... to be continued.

Little Baby Claire love...

Jen is away, so is hosting this week.


WheelbarrowRider said...

Great post! Glad you are enjoying staying at home and SOOO impressed that you are still plugging away at school. My Dec deadline seems to be slipping away and it is nice to know I might be able to get through it with a newborn if needed...I am still unsure about Omaha, but sad you can't make it. It would have been very fun to meet you IRL!

mrsblondies said...

Glad you are enjoying staying home. I hope your MBA studies continue to go well.

Can you share more detail about your wipes?