Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

The big news...I am a SAHM now! Prior to having Claire I wasn't sure what I wanted to do (And one day I will get the story of her birth all written down). However, the one thing that surprised both of us was the moment they put her on my chest I said, "I am never going back to work". I kinda surprised the doctors and nurses in the room... not the normal thing they hear... and I also surprised myself. But after the 12 weeks were up... I knew, that was what I wanted to do and I needed to talk with my boss. So today I officially told the rest of the staff, I am a SAHM now.

For the first time in 3 months George and I have NOTHING TO DO THIS WEEKEND! We have been on the go since April - trips to Ohio, New Mexico, Maryland, PA, NJ, CO... the list goes on. But tomorrow we get to just be at HOME!

What do you do for your marriage to keep it strong? Are you part of a couples group? Do a bible study together? Focus on evening prayer... looking for suggestions and just curious what everyone else out there does. George and I are part of a couples group and we are not so sure everyone is gonna stay with it. So we are considering additional options. So, what do you and your spouse do to have a more prayerful marriage?

Tour de France - after its over, we are pulling the plug on cable. Who is gonna let us come over and watch college football?

This is where we are going in Feb for vacation. I have a ton of school work to get done before then.. BUT I AM NOT TAKING SCHOOL BOOKS WITH ME TO MEXICO, say it with me, "Nicole will finish in December!" 

I took the My.ers Briggs personality test in class last weekend. Really didnt tell me anything I didnt already know. (LOL) However, if you are at all like me... a list maker, check out this blog - its heaven!

I ask for your prayers for George's grandfather. He seems to be having some issues and it might be serious. Please pray for the doctors and his health.

Until the next time, have a great weekend. And dont forget to check out Jen's Blog at Conversion Diary.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

PS: I just turned in one of my papers tonight and finished a class I was working on right before I had Claire!!! WOO!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Friday is not over yet....

I guess my husband reads my blog. He made the comment yesterday about my last post and I almost fell over laughing bc I had no clue he even paid attention to this silly little place of mine. Hi Honey! 

We are well into cloth diapers and LOVE THEM! No more blow-outs and such cute diapers. I even line dry them so that saves on energy costs!

I have class in Lubbock this week! I love the MBA program I am in. It almost feels like a mini work retreat for me. While I am overwhelmed with getting caught up on my previous homework.... I will miss it when the program is over come December

We are considering dropping DISH? It would be something radical for me - I love TV!!!!! But really, do we need it? Would not having it free up time in a way we never knew? Someone last night shared with me that they dont have DISH and just use Netflixs. It would also free up $60 for the iphone I am considering. Anyone out there not have cable?

Getting exercise in. Claire and I went for a run yesterday with our new stroller. Things started out good... but before I got too far in, we were ATTACKED BY GIANT MAN EATING MOSQUITOS! If you were a neighbor in our hood checking the view from your window - you would have had a site. Picture it... woman casually out for a high power walk with cute baby... few minutes later I am running the other way back to my house swatting myself and the stroller. Seriously, these things were so vicious I thought they were gonna carry Claire away. Needless to say, our area is not use to the rain.

Are you a morning person or a night person? I think people are really one or the other. I am a night much as I want to be a morning person, it just hurts. SO I will continue my battle with attempting to rise before Claire to get some additional study time in. I have asked George to start my coffee and say, "Babe its gonna get cold if you dont get up now" (bc I hate re-warming it, so maybe that will work)

Two more.. Who has an iphone? I am considering the iphone 4 and not sure. We have had our flip phones for 5 years. So we are looking to take the plung... it will also help us as a family bc I have a MAC and the phones will communicate with the family laptop. Any suggestions would help here. Take the plung... or stick with the basic model?

Come back next Friday. My first take with be something radical for me. I promise. If you know me, are a reader or just someone dropping by....come back next Friday.

Have a great weekend! And check out Jen over at Conversion Diary.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prayer Request....

George just finished his big race in CO this past weekend. He rode the Triple Bypass and did great. It was a long trip up and back from CO, but he is so happy he finished it.

Updating the blog is a little difficult right now with the limited time I have. I hope my prayer buddy is reading... bc I am going to list a few things that we have going on and ask for her prayers. As soon as things get a little better with time - I'll go back to updating the fun every day things. 

School - I am behind with class and trying my best to get on track with getting assignments done. I have a LOT TO DO. Being so sick with Claire my 1st trimester really put me behind, then I had Claire and missed a class. The program finishes in Dec. We have cancelled all additional trips and activities (No trip to Omaha for the 25th Anniversary :( nor a trip to Chicago) so I can stay focused on getting caught up and stay focused on the new classes that keep coming every month. Please pray that I can stay focused and do well in my classes.

I am still working PT right now. Its a little overwhelming.. but I have a few projects I really feel compelled to finish. Please pray that I can do a good job for my boss and wrap some of these things up... and balance my time with class.

We travel to Lubbock this weekend for class. We have been out of town so much with family travel and training for George's race, it feel like just one more trip. Pray that Claire does well for George while I am in class and that class goes well for me. Lubbock is about an 1hr and 1/2 away. It makes for a pretty long trip when I have class.

Finally, I ask for prayers for general balance with family. I just love my time with Claire and dont want to feel so rushed with the stuff above that I miss something with her. Right now my time during the day is devoted to her and my time from George getting home is devoted to work/school. I just pray that I dont let the distractions from school and work interfere with her. AND that we all get the rest we need at night.

Thanks prayer buddy for all you are doing. I hope I am giving you enough of a look inside our world so you know what today. Until the next time I post :) 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prayer Buddies

So excited to be part of this Summers Prayer Buddies! It was a little over a year ago that I started my blog...and I am so amazed at the women I have found in this group of Catholic infertility. This is my first time to participate with the prayer buddies group. Looking forward to the days and weeks ahead.