Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr. #1 Responds - Hurt Ego?

Dr. #1 responded last week to my follow-up package where I addressed him with a personal letter, post op report, photos of my endo and a CD with a radio interview of Dr. Hilgers and surgical techniques for removing endometriosis.

Last week Monday, a package arrived in the mail from Dr. #1 office and included: copies of all my records and a handwritten note. He states, “….While I see you followed the philosophy of Dr. Hilgers in Omaha NE, I follow the philosophy of Dr. X and Dr. X in Dallas Texas……(he agrees to disagree) …..We asked you to come back to us if the pain continued, however you did not comply with follow-ups. (He is just covering his butt here, I did come back saying I was in pain, for at least 12 months worth… he was the first OB I went to in 2005! How many times do I need to come back?) I am happy you are better. Sincerely, Dr. #1”

So I thought that was professional, yet he is covering his butt with saying I was not following his orders. And the doctors he follows treats endo with the birth control pill – which we did not want to have in my BODY!!!!! All in all, not a bad response.

Here is the kicker… at the end of the week I get another package. It has a brochure for living with endometriosis and my CD with Dr. Hilgers radio address… HA! Talk about bruising someone’s ego! If he didn’t want to listen to the CD he could have just tossed it. Not to mention, the brochure is pointless… I am not living with endometriosis any more you clown! Dr. Hilgers removed it, and now things are better! Not to mention, the brochure talks about taking the pill for endo and living with the pain. Goodness, this is America; I wish more doctors would get serious about WOMENS HEALTH!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Doc #2 Responds - Really, Come ON!

About a week ago I sent a package to all the Amarillo doctors who missed my diagnosis for endometriosis. The package included: photos from my May 2008 Lap where Dr. Hilgers took picture of the endometriosis and the cyst, the post op report from the major surgery in September where Dr. Hilgers removed all the endometriosis and cyst, a CD from a radio interview where Dr. Hilgers talks about his surgical techniques and how endometriosis should be treated and finally a letter addressing all this.

Doctor #2 sent me a certified letter saying, “Doctor #2 office will not be able to offer you or your family any more services. We are removing you as a client” - it also had something about an unpaid balance, so I immediately called. Turns out the unpaid balance statement was a mistake, but the receptionist said, “She is refusing to have you or anyone in your family as a client, please don’t call here anymore.” I asked why, and she said they received my letter and don’t want me as a client anymore. WOW - I tried to share how I had been helped, she sent a certified letter to saying she wasn’t interested any more. Nice.