Monday, March 2, 2009

Doc #2 Responds - Really, Come ON!

About a week ago I sent a package to all the Amarillo doctors who missed my diagnosis for endometriosis. The package included: photos from my May 2008 Lap where Dr. Hilgers took picture of the endometriosis and the cyst, the post op report from the major surgery in September where Dr. Hilgers removed all the endometriosis and cyst, a CD from a radio interview where Dr. Hilgers talks about his surgical techniques and how endometriosis should be treated and finally a letter addressing all this.

Doctor #2 sent me a certified letter saying, “Doctor #2 office will not be able to offer you or your family any more services. We are removing you as a client” - it also had something about an unpaid balance, so I immediately called. Turns out the unpaid balance statement was a mistake, but the receptionist said, “She is refusing to have you or anyone in your family as a client, please don’t call here anymore.” I asked why, and she said they received my letter and don’t want me as a client anymore. WOW - I tried to share how I had been helped, she sent a certified letter to saying she wasn’t interested any more. Nice.


Sew said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiding their head in shame! :) You are just a reminder that they FAILED and liberal ob's don't like to think they fail and or are seriously wrong. :)

prayerfuljourney said...

Good for you in sending that information to the dr's who didn't help you. But boy, they sound so brash. They should have apologized and left it at that. Would that have been such a big deal? That is wonderful that you were able to get the help you needed from Dr. Hilgers. Blessings.

Maria Therese said...

I think it's great you sent them the letter, pictures, ect!

The same thing happened to me. Years ago as a single I complained to my primary physician that I had very painful periods. Her response: "Take three Aleve!"

Later it was discovered during a scan for a kidney stone that I also had a cyst in my left ovary. I was told by this primary physician that I would need surgery to remove it. She referred me to a GYN. What did the GYN do? She just gave me the CA-125 test to check for ovarian cancer and gave me an internal exam. I visited this GYN about two times. My third appointment was
cancelled. I just never went back.
Why? Because this GYN just said we'd just have to keep checking the cyst. She didn't think I needed surgery.

The sad thing is that right before I was married I visited my primary physician, we talked about my cycle, and my chances of conceiving. She told me that I was "Fertile Myrtle" and she didn't think I'd have any trouble conceiving. Ha, ha, ha! YSR!

I realize it wasn't my primary physician's fault. Many of these general primary physician aren't aware of the symptons of endometriosis. I don't blame her at all.

Still though, I think "What if when I mentioned the painful periods sympton, she sent me to a GYN, they had done the surgery, and discovered the endo?" If they had, would hubby and I had a better chance of being able to concieve right now? Would we have at least one child by now? Maybe?

I have thought about writing a letter to my former primary physician, thanking her for all the good care she gave me over the years, and telling her what's been happening since I last saw her during an office visit before the wedding. But how should one write such a letter without sounding like you are accusing a good doctor of a misdiagnosis? I see it rather as her just not realizing the symptons of endo. In her defense, she is a general primary physician and NOT a GYN.

By the way, today hubby and I had a consult with a new surgeon who is an endo expert. He agreed to do my second surgery. When I gave him my first surgery report, he shook his head and said the same thing that my napro doctor did: that the first surgeon didn't do a great job and all he did was drain the cysts! He reassured me that he would remove all the remaining cysts, endo, and adhesians.

He also said that even though the first surgeon couldn't do the surgery through my belly, he thought he can. He said he never had to do an open surgery on an endo patient. He told me I would only need two weeks out of work this time.

This guy seems to know and understand how to deal with endo. He wants to give hubby and I the best chance of being able to conceive. They will be calling within the next few days to give me a surgery date.

Finally! I'm going to be rid of this pain AND I might even be able to conceive a child eventually too!
I feel very hopeful!

Please do not let your former doctor bother you. It wasn't right of them to treat you like that, but you did nothing wrong. I say good for you for having the courage to write them and share your experience with them! I say to you, WTG! I wish I had your courage!

May God Bless you.


M--- said...

I am gobsmacked! I can't believe a "professional" acted in that manner. You would hope that doctor would accept the information for what it was. become informed! It's not like you were sending a notice of a lawsuit for NEGLIGENCE.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I wasn't sure if you'd come back over to read the comments on Sew's page, but here is a website I thought you'd find helpful.

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WriterGirl said...

HA HA HA!!! This is so not a surprise. I mean, they seriously can't admit they were wrong. It's just like Seinfeld... you ask too many questions and suddenly you're difficult.

Fertile Thoughts said...

Wow I can't believe how the Dr. responded. I am still amazed that Dr. can be so opposed to new ideas of treatment. This is just crazy to me! Best of luck :)

Anonymous said...

Kyrie eleison. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, but some of the proudest, most obstinate people I've met are doctors. Good for you!