Friday, March 13, 2009

Dr. #1 Responds - Hurt Ego?

Dr. #1 responded last week to my follow-up package where I addressed him with a personal letter, post op report, photos of my endo and a CD with a radio interview of Dr. Hilgers and surgical techniques for removing endometriosis.

Last week Monday, a package arrived in the mail from Dr. #1 office and included: copies of all my records and a handwritten note. He states, “….While I see you followed the philosophy of Dr. Hilgers in Omaha NE, I follow the philosophy of Dr. X and Dr. X in Dallas Texas……(he agrees to disagree) …..We asked you to come back to us if the pain continued, however you did not comply with follow-ups. (He is just covering his butt here, I did come back saying I was in pain, for at least 12 months worth… he was the first OB I went to in 2005! How many times do I need to come back?) I am happy you are better. Sincerely, Dr. #1”

So I thought that was professional, yet he is covering his butt with saying I was not following his orders. And the doctors he follows treats endo with the birth control pill – which we did not want to have in my BODY!!!!! All in all, not a bad response.

Here is the kicker… at the end of the week I get another package. It has a brochure for living with endometriosis and my CD with Dr. Hilgers radio address… HA! Talk about bruising someone’s ego! If he didn’t want to listen to the CD he could have just tossed it. Not to mention, the brochure is pointless… I am not living with endometriosis any more you clown! Dr. Hilgers removed it, and now things are better! Not to mention, the brochure talks about taking the pill for endo and living with the pain. Goodness, this is America; I wish more doctors would get serious about WOMENS HEALTH!!!!


Sew said...

At least you got a response from your doctor. I never got any sort of response.

Find joy in every journey said...

I can't believe how arrogant some doctors can be. They just have such hard hearts and hard egos. Why can't they just consider another option? He could have said something nice like, "I am glad you are finally feeling better..." Some drs. are just too much. Good for you for going out of your way to try to educate the medical community on the life giving options of NaPro! You should be commended!!

prayerfuljourney said...

It's so hard to understand dr's! Sorry you had to go through this but glad all turned out for the better for you....yeah to being pain free!

Fertile Thoughts said...

Hi Nicole,
I was actually reading your posts about your crazy Dr.s before going to my new Dr. appointment last Mon. Your posts actually gave me the heads up with my Dr. (since I gave my Dr. information to read as well) I can't believe how they have treated you. I was telling my husband all about your Dr.s and he couldn't believe their responses. Gosh, the things us women have to go through with are "all knowing Dr.s". I am so happy to hear that you went to see Dr. H. Isn't he great? I am so grateful for all he has done for me and Dh. I love your is so nice to read about other woman and their experiences :)
Many prayers,

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

Figures, but at least you got it in front of him. I have been planning to send the fertility center doctor who told us we could not get preg without IVF a letter when we finally get pregnant.