Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So much to share.....but where does the time go?

What, its 12:20AM already??! Ugh, I have so much to share about the last two months... but never seem to have time to write.

Topics to cover in the very near future.....

  1. Claire's birth story.... George and I had such an amazing experience. If you are pregnant, take a BRADLEY CLASS!!!! You learn so to trust your body so fear doesn't overwhelm you, what your husband can do to help you...and how your body works. Trust me, it will be the most enlightening class you can take next to a Creighton Intro Session :) I plan on becoming a Bradley instructor some day soon.... because, every woman should be informed about childbirth, and most of the time we are not given enough credit by the medical community to become informed.
  2. Claire and how she is changing... I am trying to soak everything in, she is changing soooo fast! I love her so much. 
  3. Products that I have found and LOVE concerning nursing, post baby etc... maybe a QTF for this one. 
  4. BREASTFEEDING!!!! This is now a topic that is very near to my heart. I DID NOT get the help I needed here and if I wasn't determined, I would have given it up. My experience with lactation here in Amarillo was a trip - imagine meeting with a lactation consultant while your OB is sewing up your 2 degree damage down there! I have a friend who gave up nursing bc it hurt too much... ladies it should NOT HURT. On a pain scale, it should NEVER be above a 2. If it is, seek an experienced lactation consultant! I had to find mine in Lubbock! 
Know that I am watching and keeping up with your blogs. CONGRATS to SEW!!!!! I am so happy for you! Lots of prayers! 

Now its 12:30... gotta go to bed before Claire gets up!



Little Things said...

I am so glad you liked the Bradley Classes! I agree with you on them, and I have wanted to become an instructor for years now. Maybe someday. :) I think there is such a need for this.

I am so sorry that you had a rough start with the nursing! I hope it gets better for you quickly. Hang in there, it is sooo worth it! :)

WheelbarrowRider said...

Ok, I needed this reminder to look into Bradley. 12 weeks and a lot of money, and I am not convinced I don't want an epidural, just that I want to handle the pain better and I don't want pitocin again! But I think I shall look into them more, I was just sooo ill informed last time!

Nicole said...

You had pit the first time. Oh honey - those are some killer contractions on pit. Dont feel bad about an epidural if you were on pit. However, my client needed pit and she had them give it to her on the lowest does and would not let them raise it. It took her 24 hours of labor - but she did great and didnt need an epidural.