Thursday, September 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes

I feel like I am always writing.... writing.....In the middle of another MBA class and looking to move onto Accounting this weekend. Please pray for me. I HAVE to finish everything by November 8th to graduate in December! I have STATS, ACCT, MKTING and MGT to finish!

Claire is rolling over, sitting up and doing push-ups with Daddy!

There are some interesting sparks going on over a Sew's blog. If you know who I am talking about, stop by and read her post on IVF/abortion/fertility. Thought provoking comments.

Great book I just finished - Caree.r Distinction by A.rruda and Di.xson. It will have you looking at your career in a whole new way. Plus it is filled with great ideas. You have to own your personal brand in the business world, what are you doing to grow it today?

Over a month without the TV - loving it. Except the whole issue with college football. So we gave it up to save money monthly... and George now figured out how to get the local channels for free!!!

Have you tried Davy Ramsey Financial Peace? Well 6 mo into our marriage we did and boy did it help with communication on finances. He was a saver that had no fun spending - I was a spender that hated to save. We met in the middle. Now we are taking a new class at church on raising kids. Thought we would start things off on the right foot... well the same foot. Did you and your husband agree from the beginning on how the kids would be disciplined?

I have come to a whole new understanding after having a baby - nothing you do, say, practice or question seems to make any sense to anyone else. Its your own reality.

Some people keep asking me about leaving work and staying at home. So I figured since this is my blog I would help clear the air.

I would think we all make choices as parents bc we think these are the best choices for our families. Why the heck else would I research something over and over? I choose to stay at home bc I would not enjoy MY day if I was away from Claire. Its that simple. I choose to cloth diaper bc disposables were not working for ME. I chose to research vaccines bc I reacted to them as a small child. I choose to practice NFP bc its what I know is right and MY husband does not want the chemicals of BCP in MY body, WE did a natural birth bc it was what WE wanted to do bc WE felt it was best for us.... You would be surprised by the reaction I get from people from making these choices....or maybe you wouldn't.

I am just very discouraged with people right now... because of the reactions I get for making choices for my family.....from staying at home to vaccines, and she is only 6 mos. Its gonna be a lonely road as a parent.

Check out another Mom who asks questions too, Jen at Conversion Diary who host Quick Takes!

Back to writing papers...


Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

First, the baby video is A-DORABLE. As is your A-DORABLE husband for allowing you to put him on the web being so goofy! LOL. :)

Second, much more serious--you will find parents who support your decisions. These are "crunchy" decisions and there's a whole "crunchy" community out there, it's just that they won't always go as far as you do. I mean really, NFP? TOTALLY countercultural! (Just so you know, I'm an NFP teacher; I'm not ragging you, I'm just acknowledging the reality that our choice is not well understood. Oh yes, and I also cloth diaper.)

It'll come. When you have more kids, you won't feel so sensitive about it; it'll still grate on your nerves, but you won't feel discouraged anymore. In the meantime, find all us crunchy moms online! ;)

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

7- Good for you!! Did you blog about your vaccine research? I'd love your opinion!

Karen said...

#7- I'm right there with ya! I plan to cloth diaper, space vaccines, stay at home, etc. People think I'm nuts! I also plan to have a natural childbirth. I think I get the most reactions to that one. People look at me like I'm insane...including my doctors. Do you have any natural childbirth advice? We plan on taking Bradley classes and I'm reading a lot but practical advise from someone who's actually done it is always better! :)

Tridentine Wife said...

What is your ultimate comclusion on vaccines? I'm curious. There have been so many different findings on it that I did a little research and also discussed these findings with our doctor. I would love to read about your opinions.

And yes the decision to stay home is always a controversy around some ppl I'm finding out as well. Good for you for sticking to what works for your family.