Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday!

OK... I know if I wait until the morning I won't get this posted. So here I am 12:40AM, still awake and determined to hammer out this post. I will finish in 15 mins. 

George, Claire and I just returned from "Claire's East Coast" tour. From May 28th till June 8 we were on 7 planes, 6 different beds, 5 states, 900miles on a rental and 1 hotel room! We took Claire to see family in Toledo, Baltimore, West New York, Harrisburg, York and Saylorsburg. It was a fun trip and Claire did great. The funny thing... well, we over packed. Seriously, does a three month old really need three June? I thought she might get cold and we needed things to match. I overpacked so much that we had to spend $20 on shipping a box back home bc our families gave us such nice gifts. 

George and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 28th. We started the day off by attending daily mass. I think George was very surprised I suggested it since I am not a morning person. Mass was great and a welcome time together before the busy trip. We were not suppose to buy each other gifts... well George did and he went a little overboard. He purchased a beautiful bracelet for me from our favorite jeweler. It is so pretty... it made me cry. Do you have to save a fancy bracelet for a fancy day - or do you wear it with a t-shirt? I vote t-shirt!

My daughter - warning this is a poop story- has the ability to BLOW OUT a diaper. We have had some pretty wild blowouts since she was born. Its like comedy around the house... well yesterday morning her cute little self was laughing over in her pack-n-play around 7AM. After a 3:30AM feeding I was just letting her play while I slept. UNTIL I heard the blow-out. Well I jumped up to change her... however, after I slipped my hand under her neck to pick her up, I was SHOCKED to find it was wet. Yes friends - she turned her little sleeper into a poop sack! So for the morning person I am not - I found myself WIDE awake bathing Claire. Good morning! I find it all very funny - bc at any time during our plane trip she could have done this.. but didn't. :) 

I am working on my MBA right now.. a little behind with giving birth to Claire and all. You could say I am overwhelmed. Trying to balance a day full of baby... get dinner together and encourage my husband to get ride time in (he has a race coming up) at night leaves me up pretty late. I feel guilty for sleeping during the day when Claire sleeps.. but I guess its how things need to work right now. Graduation is in December - I plan to finish on time. 

Anyone out there living on a budget? I hate this stupid thing. I hate the check registry and I hate figuring it all out. We are pretty conservative with our spending and save beyond what we need to... but I need to find a system that works so we know where the money is going.. any suggestions on how you and your family manages money is welcome. 

I have a radical solution to Claire's diaper blowouts. Its all thanks to my cousins AWESOME wife in Chicago. More details to come... you wont want to miss it. 

One minute left... I am considering becoming a Bradley Instructor. We had such an awesome birth I think I want to take the upcoming class in December in Dallas. With being a trained fertility instructor I could offer from start to finish instructions... and given the horrible nursing experience I had... I may include lactation in the future. (things are better now, and breast feeding will be a post of its own in the future)

OK - thats all. Finished a little after 1 bc I went back to make sure what I said made sense. Pictures to follow from Claire's trip! go enjoy Jen's Quick Takes @


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

My only daughter (my oldest) was the blow-out queen. I mean she would wake up with one, I would change her, nurse her and she would go on each side, and then once she was done. I mean seriously. Do you know how long it took to feed this kid with stopping to change that many diapers! Oddly my boys were on the opposite end of the breastfed babies spectrum. The, we only poop once a week side.

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

2, Happy Anniversary! Definitely t-shirt.

5, we use and really like it. lots of pie charts and such.

7, you go girl! That would be amazing!

Kim said...

You should DEFINITELY not feel guilty--snooze away whenever your daughter is sleeping! Really!

Tridentine Wife said...

Wow, you are busy in between traveling, taking care of a baby and studying for your MBA how do you manage sleep? I am in awe seriously.

Cameron said...

Thanks to your comment on my blog, I've been checking out your site this evening!! I love this post because I immediately identified with you! I think you already read my story on blowout diapers - not my favorite parenting thrill-ride.

But we are totally living on a strict budget right now! I have always been a worker, so going from a regular 2-income family to a 1-income family for the next year is tough! I'm about to finish my Bachelor's in Education (late, yes, but at least I'm finishing!) and I have just my student teaching left - which you obviously don't get paid for. So we've been sticking to a strict budget & it's hard! I have some strategies we've been using that we could swap another time! My husband is great with money stuff. And we also save probably more than we even need to right now. But at least we are still able to budget AND save in the year that I'm not working. We really didn't think that would be possible! I'd love for you to post more about your budgeting & saving tips & I'll do the same!!

Also - what is your Twitter? I may not have looked hard enough yet, but I didn't see it.

Leila said...

Just had a diaper blow-out yesterday myself (well, my son). And my cousin had just related to me how her daughter, years ago, had a blow out in a restaurant which sounds similar to what happened to you: It came up through the neck! I am used to blow-outs that come midway up the back, but the neck?! And all over the top of the restaurant's high chair.

I can't believe I just wrote that in a public forum.

Melissa said...

Wow! You pack a lot into a week, but really I'm not surprised.

We also like Of course there's also a mint app that makes it all portable and even easier when all that data sits inside your phone.

Amy said...

My accountants gave us this system... have 2 checking accounts and savings account. One checking account is used for FIXED expenses. Everything else goes into the other checking account for VARIABLE expenses. At the end of the month, whatever is leftover in the VARIABLE account, gets put into savings. It's worked well for us and helped us to start saving when we weren't before.