Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Friday Already?

Man, its Friday already. Ok, here we go again. Its 1:51 and I am still up... but, 

My paper that is due this weekend is DONE and submitted to my professors!!!! YEA!!!! I have such a weight lifted off my shoulders! I dont know why the paper was so difficult to write.. maybe bc it was for a marketing class and since I am a marketing professional I was holding myself to a higher standard! 

Well I alluded last week that I figured out a solution to Claire's major BLOW-OUTS! Well.... its cloth diapers and we are not only having the most fun with them.. but no more blow-outs. Its true. I know its bound to happen again... but nothing so far this week. In the coming weeks I will share more on my blog about which ones I like better, good resources for finding diapers and why they are working for our family. In the meantime... if you want to check out a pretty cool family that is doing it with success check out this link. StyleBerry - she also has some pretty awesome photography! 

Want to make a little something yummy for breakfast this weekend - try what I like to call My Tricia Scones - On our trip to the east coast we stayed with my college friend for a couple of days and she made these for breakfast. Pretty tasty! 

Well its a sad state of affairs when you have to hire someone to pull the weeds out of your garden. I am so overwhelmed (school, work, the house, Claire) and with George training every night for his upcoming race - see race here YIKES - that the garden out front is ignored.  All last summer it was ignored bc I was so sick in my first trimester and ignored now bc we have Claire to take care of - that it turned into this infestation of WEEDS! So I went to our local nursery and asked who they would recommend. I called a lady and I kid you not - she showed up in her gardeners hat on Tuesday and offered to come back next week and do the job. She was so sweet! She is also gonna help me plant after we get the beds cleaned up. I will take before and after shots. 

I am taking photography lessons in 1 week from Davy - SO EXCITED! 

Breastfeeding in public - to use a hooter hider or not? I was given such a nice shot of support on the flight coming back from out trip. I was trying to work that stupid thing, Claire was hot and overall everyone was frustrated. This nice woman sitting in the seat next to George said, "Honey dont use that thing on account of me, just nurse your baby!" Thought?

Zumba class. So twitter is all buzzing about Zumba class. Has anyone tried it before? Our gym has it on Thursday nights. I missed tonight bc I was working on the paper - but I intend to go next Thursday.

Ok - thats it for me tonight. I am still so wide awake. Just happy I finished that PAPER! Go check out Jen at Conversation Diary for her takes! That is where I am headed! 


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Can't wait to read about your cloth diaper experience! And I have no idea about the breastfeeding-let me know what you decide!

Milehimama said...

Baby A won't stand for a blanket or any kind of cover at all. She will wrestle and pull and make such a commotion that everyone will look. But if I just nurse her disreetly with my shirt pulled over my nursing bra she's fine and no one even knows what's going on.

mrsblondies said...

I'm looking forward to reading your cloth diaper comment. I hope you can find a way to comfortably breastfeed in public.

Leila said...

How sweet of that lady on the plane! I found a great, great item to help with discreet nursing, and it keeps your sides and back covered while you wear any old shirt you want (not just nursing tops, which I don't like). It's called Modest Middles and it's ingenious (similar to a cami worn under your top)!!

Cute photos of your sweet baby!!

shawna said...

Thanks so much for linking my blog!! :)