Monday, January 26, 2009

The Doctor that was Best for Me

I left Doc #5 with the assurance he was doing all he knew how to do. However, we were not really ready to get pregnant (just for the case of stopping the pain) and I was unsure of his abilities for performing a lap and what he would do with whatever he found. I have heard so many stories of women having to have this procedure repeated every few years. After suffering for so long and the pain growing in intensity, I wanted to try and find someone who specialized in endometriosis removal. Someone who had a track record of success.

Back in 2005 I became a FertilityCare Practitioner in the Creighton FertilityCare Model - a program that teaches women about their gynecological health. I mainly teach women about the fertile and infertile times of their cycle. However, through charting you can pinpoint problems that will give you a better understanding of your overall health. It is with charting your cycle and having a doctor work naturally with your problems that NaproTechnology comes into focus. Dr. Thomas Hilgers is the MD who developed the program, and the doctor I was determined to now see. Being a Creighton FCP - I knew what I needed from my MD, but as you can see from my story no one had answers for me.

In August of 2007, I became a patient of Dr. Hilgers. It takes a long time to enter his rotation of available appointments, but his nurses are great. After filling out the initial paperwork I was sent a copy of the book, “Women Healed” - its like a chicken soup for the soul format about all the different issues women have and how with NaproTechnology, you can be healed. After some initial blood work and charting a few more cycles, he was willing to put me into rotation for my laparoscopy.

After 6 months of waiting, George and I found ourselves driving to Omaha, NE in May 2008. Dr. Hilgers knew he would find the cyst and assumed he would find endometriosis - but to what degree? I went in for surgery and when I came out I had good news and bad. #1 he was going to be able to help me, #2 I required more surgery.

He found stage 2 endometriosis and would need to perform a laparotomy on me to remove all the growth. I had it everywhere - my right ovary, the broad ligaments (beneath the ovaries), uterosacral ligaments (supporting structures of the cervix containing sensory nerves from the uterus), and pouch of Douglas - peritoneum between the rectum and the cervix, and the bladder. AND, the cyst was causing a problem after all, you see the weight of it was dragging the tube away from my right ovary, so no eggs are making it into the tube to be fertilized. It’s like a weight on a fishing line....the line is at the bottom of the pond, instead of sitting just below the waterline. He needs to remove the cyst to return functionality to the tube so I could have a chance of getting pregnant off that ovary too. This too would require the laparotomy.

Let me be very clear at this point, because this is what makes him different....on a serious cases like mine, he believes in removing all the endometriosis and then closing each area that was just removed. Here is the link to his site talking about this exact procedure

And this is why I will wait another 4 months to see him. On more post to follow... my surgery took place September 2008.

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