Monday, December 7, 2009

24 Weeks

24 Weeks!


Fertile Thoughts said...

Adorable! You look great!

Tucked Beneath His Wing said...

Congratulations! You are looking great! I never got a chance to respond to your last comment on my blog, but that was crazy about being told you couldn't do NFP talks since you didn't have children. We used to give NFP talks at marriage prep, but haven't been asked to do that in a couple years. At this point I would feel a bit awkward witnessing to NFP while not having any children after 7 years of marriage. I really think a quick discussion about Catholic options for infertility and where to find resources should be included in all marriage prep NFP talks. So many people have no idea about the options that are available and this is one time that the church has to provide info to all engaged couples.