Monday, August 8, 2011

Its becoming a home...

Thought I would load a couple before and after photos of the recent paint and stair remodel. Its a process, and we are starting to feel more like its our home.

Dark green - - - too dark for our things!  
Nice new cream.... makes the room seem lighter
too dark
light and ope 
Dark red and a light pink on the ceiling.... too much
Light grey... looks blue, but its grey
Master bedroom... Fathers Day
Light Blue... and we painted the ceiling... not sure we like it 
other side of the master
No pantry store... 
Really, no where to out my cans of soup!  
Welcome to the land of IKEA! 
Its a process... getting everything put in its place. 
So, its coming together. More photos with furniture and such to come.


Keri said...

Love the pictures!! Especially the last one with Claire in it.

Fertile Thoughts said...

I think I might only ever have a house like this in my dreams. It is beautiful. Great remodeling job. You all have nice taste, LOVE it!

Melissa said...

It looks beautiful, I especially love the grey!

Me Too said...

I LOVE home remodels! So jealous that we dont have the time or energy (or need) to do anything to ours. Keep posting!!! - Andi