Monday, March 1, 2010

Any Day Now....

No way! George and I spent the whole weekend just hanging out. We realized this may have been the last weekend of just the two of us. Strange to think about it that way.... Every time I walk past the pack 'n play I think, a new little baby is going to be in there before the milk has a chance to expire in the frig. (I know, its odd to compare but I do things like that with dates, always have)

We are ready! We have everything set up at the house... laundry is all done, bags are semi packed, talked to a ton of Bradley friends about their birth stories, birth plan is approved, have read over our notes, car seats are in the cars, pads are down on the bed (under the sheets in case I break water in the middle of the night), pantry is stocked, work is taken care of, caught up on most of my MBA classes, car is filled with gas... I could go on, but we are ready.

So as of now... I'll just keep you guys posted on any new developments. I see the doc on Thursday. He has said for the past 4 weeks that he thinks I'll go a day or two past my due date. Good news.. he is in town and wont be leaving to go anywhere until the end of March. That makes me very happy.

I'll post on Thursday after the appointment.


WheelbarrowRider said...

Thrilled for you! Try to get some sleep and definitely spending time with dh is important. Movies and dinners can still occur when they are pretty little, but they slowly become fewer and further between :) Dh and I played trivia pursuit!

Fertile Thoughts said...

How did you know what to do to get everything ready for the baby. Was it just instincts? I feel so clueless.
Please keep us posted. I can't believe it is almost time for Baby Haverilla to arrive, unbelievable!!! I am so excited for you all and I just know I am going to cry when you announce the arrival of your new little one.
Praying for you all,
much love,