Thursday, March 18, 2010

Diaper Rash, Did You Know?

Did you know that mothers breastmilk will take care of diaper rash?

I just had to jump on and post this. Since Claire has been home she has had one messy diaper after another. We have changed her ever second we notice a messy diaper in hopes of keeping diaper rash away. Well, her little bottom started getting red last week. So we searched the internet for suggestions before I started with the traditional creams. Read something about putting mother breastmilk right on the bottom after cleaning it - the next day it was gone. Her little red bottom was now back to normal newborn skin!

I went to look a little further into other things breastmilk will cure... there is a whole google search world out there for cures. Who knew?

In other news... things are going well. Very little sleep around here... but Claire is a great baby. Heading off to bed now. I try to sleep when she sleeps.

I'll post more on the birth in the next day or so.


Keri said...

ear aches, clogged tear ducts, diaper rash...the list goes on and on you are right. Plus the weight loss is a bonus in my book. I don't complain about that side effect one bit.

I hope getting to know your sweet girl is just spectacular.

Fertile Thoughts said...

wow, I didn't know that...amazing!

Joseph's Mommy said...

Wow! That's really cool! I'll have to google it.

WheelbarrowRider said...

Have you seen my big fat greek wedding? My sis and I joke that breastmilk is the new windex? It really does cure all, from scratches on their face to sore nipples for mom, it even can be put up their nose before you suction but we never tried that one. One of life's miracles! Glad things are going well!

Stephanie Stiles said...

You surely provide great information regarding diaper rash. We moms really hate to see our little angel experience these kinds of problems.