Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52:1 - Mornings

Into a new Mama's ears...
     "Why would you ever stay at home?"
     "You would be a better Mom if you worked!"
     "Are you still going to finish your MBA, now that you are pregnant?"
     "It is so boring to be at home with the kids..."

Since March 8th I have never felt more judged.  Why is that when a new mom makes the decision to stay at home, do we not give her glowing support like you do when someone starts their first day of work at a new job?

Coming out of college I would NEVER have dreamed of staying at home with my babies. I thought things like, "Why would I ever stay at home when I have so much going on?"... "Its bad if I stay at home, because I have many things I want to prove!"... " I make so much extra money working, why would I leave that behind?"...and the list goes on.

Well 10 years later, I feel differently. While it may not be for everyone, it is for us. After coming into some infertility problems and struggling to get pregnant with Claire, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel after I had her. How would I feel those first couple of months? How would I feel after I left my job? It was such a big change in roles for me - Independent Strong Business Women.... to what? On top of all that, something that made my decision even more difficult, I had a wonderful boss with a wonderful job. I hated telling him I needed to take a different direction for awhile. Hated. IT!

But I knew with as much difficulty as I had in telling him I needed to leave to stay at home with her... all it took was one look at her to show me the new and exciting road ahead!

So my Project 52 will focus on the things I get to do because I am a Stay At Home Mom!

Mornings. I would be rushed Monday to Friday if I had a regular 8 to 5 job... instead, as a Stay At Home Mom, I get to see this. Claire and I have our routine. While I read the news and drink coffee, she sits at my feet playing. Love her!

I picked up the Project 52 idea from StyleBerry's blog - check her out, she inspires me to get a little more serious with my SLR camera.


Joshua R. said...

Great project, Nicole! Mommys are unsung heros and nowadays especially the stay-at-home mommys are. Y'all rock! This will be a joy to read.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Yup. Doesn't seem like a bad choice to me at all. She's so adorable it hurts!! :) Look at her tiny toes! I love tiny toes!!

...but I hate feet. Like grown-up feet. Hate them. Isn't that weird. Anyway. There's a Hebrews Random Fact for your day.

Emily! said...

I had the honor of staying home with my little ones and loved it! Now that I am working full time is miss them so much! I dont regret going back to work just as I dont regret being home with them when they were little. She is beautiful Nicole!!!! Enjoy every minute. Kids are a blessing.

Casey said...

My babes are grown and off to school now, but I CHERISHED and LOVED every moment I got to stay at home with them during those first few years!! You are doing an amazing job {your a mama!!} LOVED YOUR FIRST POST!! SENT OVER FROM Styleberry!! I'm doing a project 52 as well, feel free to take a peek ;)

Amy said...

I love the idea! THink I might try to do it too!!

Tridentine Wife said...

Glad to hear from you, and I could not agree more with the joys and importance of being a SAHM

Melissa said...

She looks very happy with your decision! It's almost like her eyes are saying, "Thanks Mom!"

Christina @ Faith for Fertility said...

From Strong Independent Business Woman, to Strong, Loving Mom who puts her child first - exactly as it should be! She is very happy with your decision. Don't let other people get you down. You are doing what you think is best for your child. I applaud you! I wish I could do the same thing. Enjoy doing your project 52. I may start one myself since Project 365 is probably too overwhelming for me!

KRS said...

I know it's hard but you can only do what's best for your family. Remember, women who go back to work get judged too. From 'How could you leave your baby with a stranger?' to 'I just decided to put my family first' to 'Your kid will be sick all the time' I heard them all when I went back to work part time. No one can tell you what's best for you.
P.S. she's so adorable - i'm going to snag her one Sunday :)

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

staying home with your girl is such a gift to her! she is beautiful!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

So wonderful! And, she is just precious!!!