Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 52:4 - Getting to the Shower

Getting to the Shower: When I worked from 8 to 5, I was up early and started the day with a nice HOT shower!  Now, well the morning starts with some coffee and my shower comes along during that first nap. However, pending the previous night and how the morning has flowed... that shower may come along at 8, 11 or eek 2:30. This morning I had a couple obstacles to pass on the way to the shower. Love how we turn the bathroom floor into a little play yard!

I picked up the Project 52 idea from StyleBerry's blog - check her out, she inspires!

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Tridentine Wife said...

I wish our bathroom was this big, I have to take my showers at night when the twins go to bed. I love the blanket, is that handmaid?