Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Creighton Fertility Care

Let me take a few steps back…. In September of 2004 I started to take more control of my healthcare. I believe every woman should know as much as she can about her body. George and I were getting married soon and we knew we wanted to use a natural form of monitoring my fertility and planning our family. To learn more I took classes in the Creighton Fertility Care Model. In my early 20’s I was on the birth control pill but stopped around age 25. Currently, I am not any oral contraceptiones and simply watch the signs of my body to figure out when I am fertile and when I am not. At this point in my journey of pain I have been charting my cycle for a year and ½. As the pains come and go over the month I am noting on my chart the patterns I see. The pain is taking over the last half of my cycle, its unbearable at night, my normal menstrual cramps have gone from a 5 to a 10 on a pain scale and this is really starting to affect my normal life as a wife. Not to mention, I am still worried about this cyst that is “hanging” off my fallopian tube…. Might this be causing a problem? Is it damaging the structure of the tube, is it growing, how long has it been there…still no one cares to look further. They just want to give me drugs....

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