Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Becoming Healthier, Follow Directions!

Just an update on this last cycle. I have NEVER been one to follow Dr.'s order - BAD! Well let me say, I think I am following them... but not really. I take all the meds they tell me to, but sometimes I forget the morning ones and try to take everything at lunch....or even dinner. The only one I am pretty good at is T3 - every 12 hours.

This is what I am currently on:
Daily Vitamin
B6 - 500mg sustained release
Fertile CM starting CD 10 until P+3 (TAKEN 3 X's a day)

Since taking FCM - January 09...I sometimes take FCM all at once say after dinner bc I forgot about it all day... so I wasnt getting the full benefit of it of having it in my system all day. This last cycle I followed everything as I should, and it really improved my CM!!! I had textbook quality!!! And it increased the number of days too. Im just sayin, maybe I should have followed directions from day one.

Todays lesson - follow doctors orders as he says!


prayerfuljourney said...

I'm good at taking the meds ordered by dr's but not vitamins..ugh...I always seem to forget them. I keep a daily pill box in the cabinet for taking my meds. Otherwise, I would forget or I'd take too much. Blessings!

Life In Mazes said...

The Fertile CM is great! During the month I actually got pregnant, I was taking that, b6, and mucinex because I was sick. It was the best quality cm I ever had!
Hope that following doctor's orders bring you closer to your baby.

Fertile Thoughts said...

That's great! And also refreshing to hear because I seem to pick and choose what I want to follow :)

How is your endo diet going?

Many prayers,