Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Endometriosis Diet Question

For those of you with endometriosis, do you follow a certain diet? I have researched a little out there.... but was wondering what luck some of you may have had. Since my body is prone to this disease, I thought I may try to be proactive in helping my body with the right food. Appreciate any feedback.



prayerfuljourney said...

Hi! I've been looking into that too because my dr told me I can get it back now that I have had it (unless I get pregnant- Lord Willing!). looks like we need to eat more veggies/fruits and less meat and dairy. I'm a dairy feind so that has been hard. I've cut back on cheese and my beloved ice cream. I've been trying the non-dairy creamers in my coffee but I honestly prefer 2%milk. I should give up coffee but hey I have to have something. I only drink two cups in the morning and a star.bucks for a treat. I don't know...I think everything in moderation. I've also read wheat is not good...totally hard to find wheatless things that don't cost a fortune. I found this website to be the most useful :

I hope this info helps...Hail Mary Full of Grace has a lot on her blog about the endo diet too. Seems she has better luck at it than I do. Good luck with it all. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I've posted before

you might just stick with dian s mills' books and websites

also, marilyn shannon's 4th edition of fertility cycles nutrition book

NO dairy, NO dairy at all, not too many fruits in the beginning, if any

NO coffee, NO decaf, do you know they have gluten?

NO starbucks, learn to get better treats...this is not moderation, a lot of this stuff is poison...we rationalize things that are not good

NO wheat, just give up that stuff, i gave up pasta years ago, and for the most part bread now

wheat is really really bad for you

it's worth the effort

do people care enough to change, realy change i wonder?

Sew said...

I lived with endo for about 15 years. The past 8 years I hurt after every meal. Now that the endo is gone I am eating it all without pain! :)

If it comes back a lap it is! :)

All I am trying to say is one can eat as healthy as possible and considering we don't know much about endo and if it's genetic you can't get away from it anyway! :P Just my very humble opinion.

I would rather die then eat the day deedee suggests! :)

Fertile Thoughts said...

Good luck with the endo diet. A girl friend of mine followed Dian Mills book, A key to Healing through Nutrtion. (I think that is the title) I read this book and found it VERY inspiring. Anyways, after three months my friend was pain freee and three more months after that she conceived a healthy baby girl, Caroline. So I am sure there is something to diet and healing. It is just the will power to stick to it. I really am HORRIBLE with this as much as I talk about doing a diet but I wish you the best of luck with it. Also, the endo diet e-book on endo resolved is very helpful if you're looking for recipes. Do you think you're going to give it a try? If so I would love to hear how it goes for you and if you discover any recipes worth trying :)
Many prayers,

Tucked Beneath His Wing said...

I had the same question after surgery and have been reading the Dian Mills book. The chapter on the connection between IF and nutrition really got me motivated! Her recommendations are definitely challenging, so I am working on slowly incorporating some things into my lifestyle. I asked my doctor about what I could do to prevent recurrence and he said if I wanted to work on nutrition that I should look into the Best Bet Diet. It is actually a diet for people with MS, but since both endo and MS are considered auto-immune disorders, the diet recommendations should work for both. It seems to basically follow along the same lines as what Dian recommends. Here is some info on it - I haven't actually done much research on this yet. I also just ordered Marilynn Shannon's newly updated book, Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition, so we'll see what she has to say. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Hey Nicole!

I'm just catching up on your blog this morning. Reading more about your experience makes me want to chart my pain and problems and take the situation into my own hands.

I suspect I have endometriosis of the bowel, but so far have been able to manage the pain and haven't had any procedures. Unfortunately, I know the pain is not going to go away and I'll need to be my own advocate.

For me, when I feel pain I crave fatty foods, (weird, I know.) I think our bodies are amazing in helping us know what we need through cravings. I try to eat healthy fatty foods like nuts, avocados and I'll dip bread in olive oil.

I read a study last year that says eating ice cream could be helpful for those who want to get pregnant.

Overall, I think moderation is good and I'm leery of any extreme diets as I think they are often put together to sell books and make money.