Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Traveling with HCG?

Anyone have any experience with traveling and taking your HCG with you? My husband and I will be traveling in the car for an upcoming wedding and need to bring the HCG with us. I am told as long as we keep it cold, like in a cooler, it should be OK. Just wondering if anyone out there has had to do the same and can give me some tips.

I am on CD 15.


keep calm and carry on... said...

i have travelled with hcg in the past but did not keep it cold...wonder if my dr. neglected to tell me that.

either way, how cold do you have to keep it, and how far are you traveling? maybe you could use one of those smaller lunch size coolers and put the vial in the middle of some frozen vegetable bags or just baggies of ice?

Ann said...

Same for me. I've traveled, but was specifically told by my Dr.'s office that I didn't have to refrigerate it.

Nicole said...

Hmmm. Well I get my HCG from Omaha, so maybe its something different?

I do know that the directions on the HCG say to keep it cold. (which is why I started questioning) A couple months ago we left it out overnight... and it didnt work very well that month. Compared to other month, my post peak phase was 3-4 days short. The pharmacy said, if its left out, the strength will decrease but its OK to still take it.

I talked to PPVI yesterday evening and they said it would work to keep it cold like you would drinks in a cooler. So we'll try that, its our only option.

I hate traveling during all this. UGH