Friday, September 25, 2009

Everything is looking good.

We had our 3rd local OB appointment yesterday. It was pretty simple and fast. I asked him a bunch of questions about the flu shot - food to eat or not eat - sleeping in the same room if George got sick etc. He checked the baby's heart rate - 156. Said that was good.

The other two appointments were more fun. He did a sono at those. So counting the one Dr. Hilgers wanted at 6 weeks we previously had sonos at every visit. To see the cute little arms, and legs was so neat. In 4 weeks I'll have my big sono where they measure everything. We are still NOT finding out the sex of the baby. Our friends and family are going nuts about it. Nor are we telling names. I guess 15% of couples dont find out the sex of the baby these days. We think its fun :)

Tomorrow I'll be 17 weeks!

I am still doing the shots. 100mg 2 x a week. I'll have another draw on Monday. George did pretty good with last nights shot. I am not even sore today! Little did he know when he married me we would be on this path. What a great husband.

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