Thursday, September 17, 2009

UPDATE - Waiting for results

So PPVI just called and I am at 41.3 for my progesterone. Worries me a little... but they say not to worry and I will continue at 100mg 2x/week and draw again on the 28th.


The last few shots have been a pain in the butt. I am waiting for PPVI to call today with my latest draw #'s for progesterone.

Last time I realized they ran the blood work here in Amarillo. When we run everything in Omaha. Maybe that had something to do with the results showing it dropped. I just hope I responded over the last two weeks. We have a doc appointment on Thursday next week. I have no reason to worry - I am still throwing up in the morning, and everything is fine. I just like knowing the numbers.


Fertile Thoughts said...

I love knowing the numbers too, even if it's just hormone levels. That is great everything is going so well (except for your morning sickness)

Prayers always,

Fertile Thoughts said...

I understand the worry part...I don't blame you at all! I mean not that you have anything to worry about as PPVI said but after dealing with IF I am sure the worry is still going to be there. I am praying for you all. Thanks so much for your support :)

Can't wait to see your baby bump pic.s posted. You're going to post them at some point right????