Tuesday, September 15, 2009

UPDATE - - Shots, Ouch!

Well I am here to say, George was a little low on my progesterone shot last week and I felt it for about 7 days! Almost dead center with it.

For those who are on the shots, if you divide the area into fours and focus on the top corner, it hurts a LOT less. Since Monday he has been a little more accurate, and it has been pain free.

I am waiting for my results from my blood work yesterday to see how I am doing after I took a dip. I have a riot of a story to share about the blood draw.... I'll post more tonight.

Sickness. I am 15 weeks now and much better. I still get sick every morning. But I am back to eating. Thank goodness. I lost so much weight over the two months I was sick.

-----Update------not for the faint of stomach--------Update--------

So I hate, hate, hate needles. Once when I was little and found out you had to have an IV when you have a baby, I told my mom I didnt want to ever have babies! Well, as you can imagine, I have been stuck a few times in the last year and 1/2 with surgery and blood draws. BUT still I freak out.

So Monday I went at 4pm in hopes of avoiding the after work crowd. Well I didnt avoid the crowd. There were tons of people in the waiting room. As I walked in a cute little old lady walked in behind me. She was giving her info while I was giving mine. As I hear, "Oh I was born in 1927" - I start freaking out thinking...."Oh her poor little old lady arms and skin. How are they ever gonna get the NEEDLE in there" - thats my nuts oh mind running while I am trying to remain calm bc they are gonna be sticking me in a second.

So they take me back to the room. Which btw has two chairs and no curtain to block you from others. So they sit me down (all the chairs are right arm) well I want them to do my left arm bc my right still has the stick from 2 weeks ago. So imagine, I am sitting there with my left arm folded over my body with an attempts to look over my left shoulder as to not see the NEEDLE. Well right as she is getting me ready, they bring in the lady born in 1927 - to sit where I can see them working on her.... and I am also facing the hallway.

So she ties my arm off, and before she swabs me, she is talking with someone else in this freakish small room, I see a man in his 60s come walking down the hall BLEEEDING from his arm. Like the band-aid is not helping... blood is coming out somebody help HIM! Its about to drip all over the PLACE. So I scream! "Yikes, his arm is bleeding!!!" and pull my left arm over my eyes and away from the lady.

My lady says, "Look at me, its his arm not yours you are OK" - so I quickly put my arm down, and say. "Just do it, before I get up and leave"

So she does, and its fine, doesnt hurt, and she says, "Hon, you are shaking are you OK?" - I said I was fine, just a little freaked out! She finished up, put a band-aid on and I got the hell out there!

UGH! I'll be back in two weeks! You think in todays world we would have a better way to get blood out of the body. I am also sure there is an evil villain out there named Mr. Needles - at least he would make a frightening comic book character!

In the end, its all for the baby. And I can do it. But I will still freak out! :) Hope you got a good laugh out of my story. My Mom did :)

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Tridentine Wife said...

I had the exact same experience when my husband was a little low on my right side, which is turning out to be the most sensitive side. I could walk but it was more of a limp for a few days :)

15 weeks is awesome!