Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going up!

PPVI just called from my Monday blood draw. Progesterone is 68! She said if I stay like this I could come off the shots! It was a really nice rise from last time.

In other shot news. I have been really sore recently. I asked her about it and she said George needed to do the shot REALLY SLOW. Like take 3 mins to get it in. So we are going to try that over the next two weeks. Just a tip for those who are in my same shoes.


Fertile Thoughts said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!! I am sre you are probably relieved by the great news. Yay, your almost done with shots. You know it has been about 10 months since my last shots in the rear and my rear hasn't felt the same since. Those shots are really intense!!!

Praying for you all,

Find joy in every journey said...

I get my shots at the office. One of the assistants told me to try a heating pad, I am going to try it tonight. :)

Sarah said...

My level jumped up this last time too. They took me down to 100 mg 2x per week (down from 200 mg 2x per week). I went from a 40.9 to a 66.8! I hope we keep climbing. I will have to post a pic of what happens when you hit a vein! Bad news! Big haematoma! Congrats on your levels!