Monday, November 2, 2009

Giving Shots & Thoughts on the Bradley Method

George has been great with everything from surgery in Omaha (twice) to HCG shots post ovulation, charting, reminding me to take all my meds, and now more shots with progesterone. Recently the shots were starting to really hurt. It almost felt like I had a box of rocks I was sitting on from week to week due to the knots that developed.

However, now I think we found a winning solution - go really, really, really slow. On Thursday of last week he took over 3 mins to inject the meds in. I counted off in groups of 10 seconds and George stayed on pace. This has improved my post experience. Little itching, no pain the next day and no real knots to make of. For someone who HATES shots – this is not all that bad.

In other developments… has anyone heard of the Bradley Method? We have good friends in Chicago who used the method and loved it. Given my track record with doctors I was really trying to seek out a program that would give me the BEST understanding of birth… and include my husband in that too. We are starting classes this week via a remote instructor from Dallas. (We don’t have anyone in the Amarillo area). If you have any experience with the method I would love to hear your thoughts. While I know I am not able to plan for everything… like fertility, I like to learn and know about all my options.


Fertile Thoughts said...

Yeah, less painful shots. Great Job!!!!

I can't say enough about the Bradley Meathod. Not that I have experienced it first hand, haha, but that I have TONS of friends who have used it again and again and have nothing but GREAT things to say about it. Oh I really hope you go with this meathod (NO PRESSURE). I do plan on using it in the future too...I hope this helps. My SIL uses the Bradley Meathod as well and has had great birthing experiences. I really wish we lived closer to each other so I could just chat your ear off about all this, haha!!!!

Praying for you all!!!!


Find joy in every journey said...

I have been getting shots, too. Mine have been administered in the office. They are ok. I have been using a heating pad a night and that seems to help.

I researched some different methods online last week for natural birth. I saw the Bradley method as well as hypnobirthing, so I am looking forward to your expereince!

Kate said...

I have had three children and Bradley was the best method. It helped birth seem do-able. I did not care for hypnobirthing, which we used for our third child. Hope that helps.