Monday, November 23, 2009

Growing Pains....

Ouch! This weekend we hit the 25 week mark and I started experiencing what I would call growing pains. Around the bottom sides of my belly I am feeling aches and sharp pains every once and awhile. I guess I am getting to the point of stretching the skin and muscles.

We also can actually see the baby moving around in there. It looks like little pokes from behind a sheet. Being pregnant is so weird. I never knew it would feel this way.

Still taking progesterone – I have noticed a GREAT improvement when George goes slower with the shot. It takes over 3mins for 100mg. But the bump is not as great and the skin reaction has decreased. However, I am still so itchy. UGH! The following day I could just about go crazy!

Still taking T3 – I’ll take this until 28 weeks.

Doctor visit: last week Thursday we had a check-up. Everything looks great! I gained 4lbs and the babies HR was 156. We asked a ton of questions about labor & delivery. I am so surprised at the lack of information that is given to help explain/prepare us for labor and delivery. The only reason we know anything at this point is because we have gone looking for it. It’s just like the flipside when it comes to your fertility. The doc is just gonna give you the BCP unless you seek out additional information to learn your cycle. I wish they valued woman more and would at least make the info available, take it or leave it. The good news or at least I hope it means something, the doctor said I will do great in L&D because I am so tall and lean. So coupled with my knowledge on what to expect (and learning how to manage) and my body – we have good expectations for delivery.

In our Bradley classes – we are learning about relaxing. I noticed this morning (when a few aches and sharp pains were coming on) I really tense up. If I focus on relaxing, it’s not as bad or not bad at all. Tensing your body really does increase the sensation of pain. I am also doing kegels, pelvic rocks, relax sitting and squats regularly.

The BIG accomplishment this week – we switched the bedrooms! We now have a guestroom/office and a reading room/baby room in the making. After we were done we looked back at everything and made the comments, “This is sooooo much better, why didn’t we do this earlier?” So between cleaning out the frig on Saturday (full cleanout with draws and shelves getting a good washing) getting the rooms flipped and organized, I would say I am starting the nesting phase. I’ll post pictures later this evening.


WheelbarrowRider said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so excited to have found your blog! We have some similarities and I hope you find mine helpful to you as well-I have gone back and recently added a bunch of information about my successful Dr. Hilger's pregnancy including my the results of my checkups, scans, and progesterone levels. I also have a list of symptoms by trimester and our birth story. I can't overemphasize the importance of relaxing during labor! And def glad your dh is going slower with the shots. I would tell mine to "push" about every few sec and he would push just the tiniest amt. Also, a fast entry on taught skin helps too! I had shots through the entire pregnancy and insurance only covered the less concentrated-at one time I took 2 ccs in each hip twice a week plus orals-ugh!
I will keep you in my prayers!

WheelbarrowRider said...
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Sarah said...

I am so glad things are going well for yall. I am waiting to get my first set of Bradley DVDs. I should get them this week.

Isn't it so weird to watch your belly move when the baby kicks or puches. I just sit and stare at my belly waiting and then it happens. Such a miricle!

I got to drop my progesterone dose because I took a big jump to 87.3 (zone 3). I only take 100mg im 2x per week and no supplement!