Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Before & After : Living Room, Inspiring Willing

Well, it is coming together! I am such a creature for comfortable spots. From the cozy spot at a coffee shop, to the window seat on a plane - I must always find the spot I am most comfortable in, to enjoy myself. Well, this house is a work in progress... but, the living room is almost done. We need a fan to replace the beautiful chandelier (that we will reuse somewhere else in the house) and a rug that will run from the bookcase to the love seat - both could take a while longer, so I wanted to share what we have so far. Thanks for helping me make the curtains Mom, I think they are fabulous! 

Before & After:


E said...

Many cozy spots there! Beautiful!

Fertile Thoughts said...

WOW! I love your style and the colors you chose. It looks beautiful and so cozy!!!!! Great job :) Can't wait to see more pic.s.

Melissa said...

It looks great!! Can you come help me with mine now?

Anonymous said...

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