Friday, September 23, 2011

Body Healed...

When I started my blog I wanted to share the journey I was having with endometriosis... and how there are better answers for women out there - NaproTechnology! While I was sharing my story, I held back on our TTC story. It was too emotional to share, knowing co-workers might see too much. 

I didn't have an opportunity to share how George and I went over to a friends house in December of 2008.... so the husband could show George how to do HCG injections for me. When I look back now... laying on their couch, having the husband get everything ready and then giving step by step directions to George on how to do the shot properly. It blows my mind the journey we started out on. 

So a little recap and lesson learned... I was on HCG shots, Fertile CM, and Vitamin B6. I was having CM issues. We started this monthly process in January 09 and by May I was pretty emotional that after surgery and 5 months of this, maybe it wasn't going to happen. I know its a short time... but the needles every month were messing with my mind. I would rather you throw spiders at me then stick me with needles. I once told my mom as a little girl, "I am not going to have a baby bc they have to stick a needle in your arm!" - Joke is clearly on me! 

So June we conceived Claire and the rest you should know... took a blood test at 4 weeks to confirm pregnancy and test progesterone. I was low on progesterone, like we expected and started shots that week. Didn't see my local OB until 10 weeks - and he was very open to working with Dr. Hilgers and his progesterone protocol. We had a beautiful pregnancy and delivered at 40 weeks! 

Now, 18 mo later, we are trying for #2... and I figured I would share. Share for two reasons... to help others and to spread the word of NaproTechnology

Last Friday I drove around all afternoon trying to find someone to draw my blood for a peak plus 7 I could send it to PPVI lab. See, the way the normal medical communities works is not the same as the lab at PPVI, so I wanted to ship my blood to Omaha and have their lab run the test. Hours later I come home so frustrated because NO ONE WILL DO THIS! I would have paid $100 dollar for the service of taking my blood, spin it and then give it to me... nope, no can do. I came home beyond frustrated. Within the hour I got a call from a sweet dear friend who has been down this road here in the DFW area... and she had answers. She directed me to a hospital with a lab that was happy to help... a small hospital with a sweet wonderful lady. Got everything taken care of and then off to the airport to overnight the sample... and wait. 

You see, we have tried for a couple of months... and while its only been a couple of months, to someone with infertility I am already freaking out. With my history, after calling PPVI, they wanted to see what my levels were this month... and you know what... I am fine, TOTALLY FINE! Estro was 11 and Progesterone was 13... absolutely within range. We just need to relax and try... they see no reason why it would be a problem for us this time. So, we'll relax for a couple of months and maybe do some cycle reviews. 

I am currently waiting for thyroid results... those take a couple weeks.

In the end... after surgery... after hormone support to get pregnant... hormone support to keep the baby growing... drug free delievery... I am healed. 

Everything looks good. Gods time.... 

You should read the blog I follow below, Hebrews... she has a good story too. 

If you are still searching for answers, there is a community here to support you.. and real doctors who are open to different treatments to help you. More to come :)  


Patiently Waiting...... said...

Thank you for this post. It gives me hope. I am at 3 weeks post-op from a laparotomy at PPVI and feeling a little better each day. Best wishes in your journey to #2. You are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I am 2 weeks post op from my laparotomy with Dr Hilgers at Pope Paul as well!! I travelled all the way from Canada to see him. So glad I did- he is amazing. I am recovering well- feeling better every day!

I love your blog. Thank you for giving me hope. Good luck with baby #2 :)

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

Thank you so much for your blog and for posting this story. I found you by googling for napro and endo. I had my surgery with Dr. Hilgers in May, and I am right about where you were. 5 months out, sick of needles, meds, and charting and getting nervous that maybe the surgery didn't work. It is so good to see that it does! Maybe if I just hang in there another month or two . . .

Ben and Deb said...

Nicole, thank you for sharing your story!

I linked to your story, and above is mine. Hopefully it can be an additional source of help for your and other endo readers!

God bless,
Deb Martinek

Anonymous said...

This blog is really a great source of information for me. Thank you for giving me such important information.