Thursday, January 7, 2010

32 and 1/2 weeks

Well we just finished a great appointment with the OB. We asked him a ton of questions and he took his time with us to answer all of them. I was very appreciative, seeing that he had a surgery scheduled across the street.

Then we stopped over for our ultrasound! Everything looks great! The lady kept point out how active GC was and how wonderful everything looked. She said between the movement, development, measurements and my overall health its a perfect pregnancy. She really complemented us on how well we have prepared and taken care of the pregnancy. She gave George a lot of complements for what an engaged husband he has been with the whole process too. :) She measured the amount of skin between the baby and the outside of the body (becuase George asked) - she said it looked very good and I was doing a great job at taking care of my health. Perfect weight gain :)

We now have a ton of pictures. The baby is head down and sunny side up right now. She is predicting the last week of Feb as my due date now. The baby is 4lbs and 6oz (I think) so that was her guess based off development. We have learned from Bradley classes not to get hung up on "a date" so we are just having fun with asking and not worried. HOWEVER, I am a little freaked out bc of how much we have to do around this house... like take down the Christmas TREE... before we can bring a baby home :)

I'll post some scanned photos tomorrow of the u/s pictures. We got some with eyes open, hands, yawns and tongue stickin out :) It still doesn't seem real... but its coming together.

Photos to come tomorrow :)

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WheelbarrowRider said...

I can't wait to see the pics! What a great day for you all!