Monday, January 25, 2010

Birth & Cycles

In the next 5 or so weeks I'll have a baby... and then in the next few months that follow, my cycles will return. Its been 35 weeks since my last period. That seems so long ago.... and its just now that I have started to notice that its missing.

I know my OB will ask me after the birth if we "need anything" and I may even be asked in the hospital if I want my tubes tied.... bc so many of us are asked, "So are you done?" People will think we are crazy and not be able to understand, you don't always have to listen to the norm... there are other answers out there.

I am really looking forward to getting back to charting my Creighton chart, seeing how my body responds after the birth and when I will ovulate again.

As George and I have taken the walk of a contraception free marriage bc we looked into so many options to plan our family, we have approached birth in the same manner. I'm not saying this will be easy and I am not saying OB and L&D nurses are not needed. There are times when something may go wrong - and that is why we have hired them for this birth.

We have done a lot of research on drugs used during labor and what seems to be "auto-pilot" for L&D in the hospital. I find it very interesting the reponse I have seen out there....and while reading a blog today about the BCP, this pretty much puts into words how I felt pill free and now trying to go drug free for the birth.

"The pill is to contraception, what the epidural is to labor - if a woman does not accept it, she is in the wrong."

Ladies, research what is out there. Every Woman has the Right to Know!

I picked up the quote from this site What I have read so far seems like some really good post on the BCP.

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