Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two...Maybe three more to go

I hate all the blood draws. The lady missed on Monday and it took her a bit to get it. I immediately went to the chocolate shop for a treat. :) Two more to go... maybe three.

Afterwards my good friend Amy met me at Babies R Us to finish out the registry. I must admit, I got a little more nervous about things when she was teaching me about the bottles. It’s one thing to walk around and scan sheets, toys and blankets... it seemed oh so real when I am scanning bottles. Do you know they have flow rates? We plan on nursing, but my goodness there is still so much to learn.

We ordered the baby furniture two weeks ago. It’s the one in the picture but an espresso color. Just the bed and changing station – we are keeping things simple.

We started our hospital birthing classes last night. Let me just tell you ladies, if you want to be informed, you have to take more than some two hour class the hospital is offering. We are taking the class so we will be familiar with hospital guidelines and policies. We want to know what legs we can stand on when we are there.

HOWEVER, she totally scanned over so much. I am even now more convinced we will have a birth plan. So much is done today that is basically on autopilot.

For example: After the baby is born she was telling us that we will be able to nurse within an hour. Before nursing she said they put some "medicine" in your IV to help your uterus contract. I raised my hand and asked what medicine might that be? She answered, “Pitocin”. Ahhh NO! Only if it’s absolutely necessary are you giving me that. Which it could be, but should not be an automatic. She even went on to explain that pitocin is the synthetic version of what my body produces naturally after birth... RIGHT, so let me nurse my baby so my body can produce it. I was blown away by how she was snowballing us.

She also told the group, since we are first time moms we will tear or an episiodomey will be given. This is not true. It can happen… but not 100% gonna happen. When someone asked about things we can do to help not tear – she said, “Really, there is nothing”

I’m not saying some things are not necessary... but ladies, take a class and be informed. Walking in with a plan and being educated is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Things might not go according to plan – but at least I am not going to get the autopilot treatment on drugs!

More to come as we continue with two more classes.


Fertile Thoughts said...

O.k. this is crazyness to me how the hospitals are so robotic with people. I am so glad you ane Dh are educating yourselves and what your options are. i am clueless right now with how everything works so I really don't have much to say. Most of my friends usually have home births because they are all low risk pregnancies and they don't have to deal with hospital agendas. i know this is one thing I am concerned about. i am glad you are going to experience everything first so you can give me the right advice when it is time ;)

Gosh, not much time is flying by! Thank you for the prayers!!!!!!! We're praying for you all too. I just love the baby furniture you picked out. So cute! That must be so much fun getting the house ready for a baby :)

Much love and prayers,

Faith for Fertility said...

I'm so glad you know more about birthing than most women seem to since hospitals tend to just assume everyone will be getting drugs. I'd recommend finding a doula to assist you at the hospital. She will be there to support your decisions and keep you informed of ALL your CAN do this without medication, etc. Only a few more weeks! How exciting! I'll say a prayer for you that everything goes well.


WheelbarrowRider said...

Yeah for chocolate and be in the home stretch! Thank goodness you are educating yourself, as others have said! The 2nd ob I left (haha-gotta shop around) was still my sisters' and through that I found out he does an automatic episiotomy (sp?) I say automatic anything like that is absurd! And my new ob agreed. He said tearing is unlikely, but if it looks like it will happen then they will judge what to do. A small tear is not a big deal and an episiotomy is actually worse! (btw, I had a small tear and it was NO BIG DEAL). What I absolutely hated were the drugs a) pitocin and b) staydol (sp?) More details avail if you are interested in reading my birth post. So excited for you!

WheelbarrowRider said...

I almost forgot, I really love your furniture and the color!

maramsey said...

It was a fun night! You are going to do great...I love the bed, can't wait to see it in the room!