Friday, January 1, 2010

Bradley Classes

Anyone familiar with the Bradley Method for childbirth? We are taking classes long distance and things are going really well. This past week we sat in on our instructors class in Fort Worth and realized we are really missing out bc we don't have other couples to talk with.

Any feedback from friends who have experienced a Bradley birth would be really helpful.



WheelbarrowRider said...

sorry, no bradley birth here. i have heard wonderful things about it and will try to remember who and maybe they can contact you. if you want to talk more about birth experiences, i can't remember if i extensively blogged about this or not, feel free to email me or we could talk on the phone. :) but then, you could probably collect birth experiences from a lot of places, so no big deal if you don't.

Fertile Thoughts said...

Hey Nicole,
happy New Year to you too! I have lots of friends who have done the bradley birth meathod. Let me know if you want them to contact you and I will. I am sure they have lots of advice and experience to share :)