Sunday, August 9, 2009

Good News - We're Pregnant

Well its been a long road in the making.

I knew back in August 2005 that something was wrong. We held off on TTC until August 07... and couple months into it, since we were charting and the pain continued, we knew the TTC was going nowhere. My body was sick. So the journey began with PPVI and Dr. Hilgers.

10 months after surgery and following monthly orders from Dr. Hilgers we conceived.

For the first time ever I made it to 16dpo and knew something was different. Since I was taking HCG shots we headed over for a blood draw on day 17, sure enough my levels were high. Since I have a history of low progesterone, I have been taking natural progesterone for 4 years now, we immediately started injections as fast as Kubats could send them to us here in Amarillo. My levels are still borderline, so I will continue to stay on them. My DH gives them to me on Monday and Thursday nights. I thought they were going to really hurt, but they dont. Actually the HCG was worse.

Today I am 10 weeks and 1 day. We just had our first local OB appointment. Why do they wait so long to see you? We had an u/s and confirmed everything looks great. I am very nauseous and nothing that is safe to take is helping. Its OK, I have gotten use to getting sick a couple times a day and have a great boss that is letting me work from home.

I'll use the blog to keep you updated on how things are going. In the meantime, for those who know my husband and me very well you know we have more bicycles in the garage than people in the house. We'll we already added another one. Enjoy the picture. :)


Life In Mazes said...

Congrats! Love the pic of the tricycle!

Hope the progesterone levels stay great! Will keep you in my prayers!

Beth said...

Wow - this is the first time I've been here but Congratulations!!!! I had stage 4 endo and now have 2 kids :) yayayayayay! Love endo babies! They are the CUTEST :)

prayerfuljourney said...

Congrats! I can't imagine how excited and blessed you and your dh must feel. I pray all goes well. God Bless.

Fertile Thoughts said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I am so happy for you! Please know that I am praying for you to have a happy and healthy about 7 months left, right?

Did you start the endo diet before you conceived? I am just so curious as to what helped you conceive...

I am so HAPPY for you!

Many prayers,

Sew said...

Heaven!!! So excited for you! I hope to feel that heaven again REAL soon! :)

the misfit said...

What wonderful new! Ten weeks...already the size of the feet! :)

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Congratulations!! This is fabulous news, and I'm so glad you shared it with us :)

On a related note, I'm interested to hear your thoughts as a previously infertile Practitioner who is now pg. Have you told your infertile CrMS clients yet? What is the reaction like? This is something I'm concerned about if/should I ever become pg... I feel like they take me more seriously now since I'm also going through the journey with them, kwim?? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Fertile Thoughts said...


Could you please send me your email address? I can't find it anywhere...mine is

Thanks so much!!!!


JellyBelly said...

great news!!!! woohoo!

Maria Therese said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! It is very encouraging to hear that ladies with endometriosis are able to get pregnant. You are in my thoughts and prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

I would love to hear more on what medicine you were on, which helped you be able to become pregnant as well as any vitamins, supplements, ect. you may have taken.

Hubby and I have been TTC for two years now and I've had two surgeries so far to deal with endometriosis stage four.

What stage of endo did you have?

Were you on the endo diet before you concieved?

Did you pray any special prayers? To any special saints?

When you have a chance, I'd really LOVE to hear from you!

My email is:

May God Bless you and your family!


Find joy in every journey said...

CONGRATS! So happy for you and your DH!!!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to take a moment to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!! Also, that's so great that you're a Creighton teacher. I've heard great things about Creighton and am trying to find an instructor in my area.

Anyway, God bless you guys and congratulations!