Saturday, August 22, 2009

If you have it as bad as I do

Morning sickness has been a 24/7 thing for me. George was going to pop up to the airport and ask for any extra flight sickness bags since I am prone to get sick at any time. Well, thanks to this fabulous lady, I can get sick in style. AND they are less expensive than the ones you buy at Wal.greens.

We got them in the mail yesterday and I took one to church tonight, bc I would just be horrified if I got sick out on the sidewalk. They fold up and fit in your pants pocket. They are way fancy and better looking than the grocery bag I carried around for the past two months.

Just thought I would share


deirdre said...

marilyn shannon says in her book, as i recall, that keeping your blood sugar on a consisten keel by eating properly helps...her latest book on nutrition on fertility 4th edition was on amazon...i imagine she has helpful info on that

i also wonder if it's related to progesterone?

a friend has morning sickness, but easy delivery :)

good luck

WriterGirl said...

LOVE this! Would have been way better than the plasti Wal-Mart bags I carried everywhere!